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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Your Wardrobe ~ Some Tips for Paring Down

Yesterday we talked a bit about the basics of a smaller wardrobe. Today I'll give you some tips and inspiration for paring down your wardrobe.

Take everything out of your closet and try everything on. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it's the most efficient way to evaluate everything you have. As you try things on take note of how each item makes you feel. As you try things on make a decision - keep or release. Have a plan for what you will do with those items you decide NOT to keep. Bag them up and get them out of your house as soon as possible. I usually have a give away bag and a donate bag.

Shop your closet - Take some time to mix and match and create as many different looks as you can with a particular item. Here are some examples I posted last month doing this very thing - 1 skirt 8 ways, 1 dress 9 ways and 1 dress 5 ways. You can do this while you are trying everything on, or you can do this after you have decided what you will keep.

One in, one out - When you buy something new, commit to letting go of something old. This will keep your closet and drawers from overflowing with too many items. 

Hanger trick - I think a general rule is that we typically wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. I know I have favorites that I reach for again and again. I know my daughters have favorites they wear over and over. I bet you do too. One way to monitor what you are actually wearing is to hang all your clothes with the hangers backwards in your closet. As you wear and put clothes away (that you've worn), you put it back hanging the right way. At the end of a month or other set period of time, you will see what you've actually worn simply by looking at the hangers. 

Challenge yourself to buy nothing new for a month / 3 months / 6 months / year - Even if you think you need something, commit to going without anything new for a certain period of time. I think you'll quickly realize it's easy to go without, and to get by with what you have.

Project 333 - Join hundreds of others as they pare down their wardrobe to 33 items and commit to only wearing those 33 items for 3 months. Officially this round started in October, but you can join in anytime. There are set parameters and guidelines, but you can make the rules fit you and your lifestyle. When I did this, I decided not to count accessories, shoes or outerwear. Limiting myself too much was stressing me out and that's not the point of the experiment. You can read more about Project 333 HERE.

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