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Monday, September 23, 2013

One Dress ~ 5 Ways's another "how many ways can I wear this" post. So far I've tried a purple skirt and found 8 ways to mix it up and a blue dress and found 9 ways to mix that one. 

Today I've got a brown dress. I love this dress. I love the color. I love the material. I love that I got it on clearance for $7 a couple years ago. 

But I've only worn it one way. Ok two. I've worn it with and without tights. (After I put these photos together I realized I should have taken one without tights (or leggings) because it gives it a completely different look. With sandals it looks much more summery or at least transitional. 

Anyway, I've been in a rut when it comes to this dress. I've always worn it plain or with a necklace like you see in the photo on the far right. 

I'm glad I've found some new ways to wear it. I think the jean jacket look is my favorite. I also prefer the belt to the tie sash it came with. And in all these pictures, I've got leggings on instead of tights - much more comfortable, which means I'm much more likely to wear this on a day to day basis.


  1. I love the dress with the jean jacket, and also simply with the necklace. I noticed that you had on boots with all of these accesories. If you were wearing this dress with leggings, and not the boots, what other type of shoes would you wear? I love the thought of wearing more dresses with leggings in the winter, but I am not really a 'boots' girl. Any suggestions?

    1. I think ballet flats would be nice. I'm not much of a shoes without socks person (except for sandals) as my toes get cold, so I opt for boots in the fall/winter. Also, I've limited myself to one base color when it comes to shoes (black vs. brown) except for my boots - because I already had them and liked them.

  2. I like the denim best, too! So many ideas! Yvonne, I think a ballet type flat would be really nice as well...but I'm far from a fashion expert so make of that what you will!