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Monday, August 29, 2016

Good, Random, Fun ~ Week 35

the GOOD
In 2016 I'm attempting to do #52weeksofstorytelling with a different theme each week.
Week 34/52 - messy

I'll be honest with you...I like things tidy, not messy. But life is messy. Relationships re messy so that makes marriage, parenting, friendship and family messy.

My home is messy. My daughter loves painting and often has many works in progress. My husband loves adventure and his adventure supplies are often strewn about between adventures. I love gardening and make plenty of messes in the yard. My other daughter loves to read and has books in almost every room.

Life is messy, but there is beauty in the just have to look for it.

volunteering, reading, hiking
tea time, mountain views, coastal town
family time

the FUN

a week in the life of a sunflower


fun with Prisma app (the original is in the center of this grid)

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Pacific Northwest

One of the things I love most about living in Oregon is the diversity in landscape. In one hour I can drive to a trail like this - with Mt. Hood as my playground. (we hiked down to the river you can kind of see in the valley).

And the next day I can drive an hour (maybe more like 90 minutes) in the opposite direction and be on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

The Astoria-Megler bridge spans 4.1 miles and goes from Oregon to Washington - across the mouth of the Columbia River. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Black and White Wednesday - the mountain

(also known as Mt. Hood)

On clear days I can see this mountain when I'm driving around town or out on a walk. After seven years of living here, it still takes my breath away. I hope I never take its presence for granted. 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Good, Random, Fun ~ Week 34

the GOOD
In 2016 I'm attempting to do #52weeksofstorytelling with a different theme each week.
Week 33/52 - Forgiveness

Forgiveness offers a fresh start to both the offender and the offended. When you forgive, you are letting go of your anger...when you are forgiven, you are released of the offense you caused. I don't know about you, but I need forgiveness on a daily basis. I need to give it and receive it, because without it, life is miserable!

Mt. Hood in the distance....sunset cruise on neighborhood Lake
Hamilton books!....backyard dandelions

the FUN
it was #myweekofblooms over at @its_my_week on instagram
all but two of these are from my backyard

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Days

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

We've had some lovely, full, summer days here lately. Full of beauty and adventure, friendship and family, fun and more fun. We drove out to some lavender fields only to find we missed the bloom. It was still beautiful to walk around. 

I love this quirky little "house". If it were mine, I would fill the planters with flowers and add a comfy chair inside with a small bookshelf. It would be my personal hideout for reading and other things.

more beauty in my garden...

We live along the Columbia River and it's a great place to cool off when it's hot! In Hood River, there is a sand spit that you can walk along, and as you can see from the photo, it wasn't very crowded even though it was 100 degrees outside.

When you look west, you see the grandness of the Columbia River gorge

And when you look east you see the barrenness of eastern Oregon

We also live right across the street from a lake and we have just not taken advantage of it this year. This week, however, our neighbors took us on a boat ride, and then the next day my daughter and I borrowed a kayak to further explore the lake.

One thing we've done a lot of this summer....reading! Especially my youngest daughter. I think she's read between 15-20 new books this summer. I love having a daughter that shares my love of reading.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Good, Random, Fun ~ Week 33

the GOOD
In 2016 I'm attempting to do #52weeksofstorytelling with a different theme each week.
Week 32/52 - Grace

Her middle name is Grace, this girl who made me a mama. I joked that I was one of the most ungraceful accident waiting to happen...and I wanted to set her up with a more graceful start. But her name means so much more than that. I want her to identify with God's free and unmerited favor that is offered to all who believe. She has certainly been a reminder of grace to me.


a tiny house (with a mountain view), a tiny frog sitting pretty, a web (woven by a tiny spider)
wildflowers, garden flowers and s'mores

the FUN

it was #myweekofrainbows over at @its_my_week so I had some pretty colorful photos

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Garden Update

Right now the stunners in the garden are my dahlias and morning glories. I love that morning glories only bloom for a few hours each day....their fleeting appearance makes them a little more special.

I did some rearranging in my garden this past week and it wasn't all successful. Some people like to rearrange their homes, I like to rearrange my garden, but the plants don't necessarily like it. There are several established plants that just aren't doing well this my honeysuckle. It's dry despite regular watering. It almost appears diseased. zucchini and squash plants are absolute jokes this year. I have no idea why they aren't growing.

This plant came up volunteer in my herb garden. I attempted to rip it out last year, but it came back in full force this year. It's pretty and smells nice, but was getting out of control so I moved it. It's not happy.

But if I cut some off and put it in water, it perks up.

and grows roots amazingly fast....

and then does pretty well when replanted outside!

Here are some other plants that are doing well...

I'm hoping the sunflowers start blooming soon!

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