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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thankful for Tea

I really can't believe Thanksgiving is next week....where has this month gone? One of our traditions is to each create a Thankful book and write in it daily. I've always made this optional, and this s the first year my oldest has opted out. It's ok...I have all her books from past years that I love looking through. 

We've also recently resurrected tea time....usually held on, but not restricted to, Tuesday afternoons. This week it just so happens that we are having tea time three days in a row. Twice with guests and once alone.

Last spring I picked up some beautiful teacup sets at Goodwill for the three of us. Since we are determined to invite and include guests in our gatherings, I headed back to Goodwill to pick up a couple more. We also decided to start a guestbook and have our guests sign it so we have a record of who has come.

It's anything but fancy. Sometimes we have baked goods, sometimes we have fresh fruit, sometimes we have pre-packaged, highly processed treats. It doesn't matter. I want my girls to remember the conversations and laughs we had at this table, and tea time is one more way to invite them to share their lives with me in this way. 

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Sea Life

This past week we went up to Seattle for a little field trip to the Aquarium. They have a wonderful display of sea life found right here in the Puget Sound and Pacific Ocean. My favorite is the octopus, and much to my delight, it was quite active when were there.

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Walk Through the Park

Although our days are full with school, work and ministry opportunities, we try to make time to get out and enjoy the beauty of this season. This past week my youngest daughter and I headed out for a walk through our local park. 

There were so many geese gathered in the field. As we got closer and closer to them, they got louder and louder and eventually took off in flight.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fiddlejill's Frogs

We have an abundance of frogs where we live. Our yard shares a side with a pond / swamp / bog area, and we also live between two lakes. I guess that's the perfect environment for frogs. In the summer months it's not uncommon for me to find frogs resting in the garden's blooms, or perched in interesting places. Other times, I find a frog and then let the be the subject of a photo I did below. 

On instagram I usually post a frog photo each Friday, calling it #frogfriday. I have also organized the entire collection under the hashtag #fiddlejillsfrogs if you are interested in seeing more.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekend Hike

We took advantage of some gorgeous weather and hit the trail this past weekend. We've tried to hike this particular trail two other times, but we always miss a crucial turn-off. This time we were determined to get it right. Sadly, we had an evening commitment and didn't make it as far as we had hoped, but we still had a great time. 

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Thursday, October 26, 2017