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Monday, January 15, 2018

Just Mossy

For some of you, winter means yards and streets covered in snow. For us here in the Pacific Northwest, it means green yards, sidewalks, roofs and more.

It's a moss paradise...all the rain and cooler temperatures are perfect conditions for the moss and ferns to thrive.

This is a picnic shelter at the local park...the roof  has its own little garden growing on top. 

And some sidewalks blend right in with the grass.

Even brick walls provide a good enough canvas for the moss and ferns to thrive. 

It's actually fun to take the time to notice the different kinds of moss and lichen growing. There is spiky moss, hair-like moss and fluffy/clumpy moss. I know some consider it to be a weed and do all they can to kill it, but I think it's beautiful and welcome it in my yard.

These next two are edited versions of two photos I posted last week, but they really fit nicely with this moss theme. 

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Thursday, January 11, 2018


I don't spend a lot of time editing my photos. In fact, I don't have photoshop or lightroom or any other fancy editing software. All the editing I do is done either in the instagram app or another phone editing app. Today I thought I would share some of my recent edits...first is the photo sooc (straight out of camera) and then the edit.











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Monday, January 8, 2018

Reflective Walk

A walk through the trees was the perfect way to end 2017. With a break in the rain, and nothing on the schedule, we headed out to the local arboretum to walk the trails and talk about the year.

Winter in the Pacific Northwest is when everything is green. With rain and cooler temperatures, the moss thrives and covers things like walkways, roofs, benches and trees.

I love walking through the forest any time of year, but there is something special about winter. You get a peek into forest life that often overlooked because of the summer growth.

I tend to get way behind my family when we are on these walks...I can't seem to keep myself from noticing the little things and capturing the details with my camera.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A New Violin

On December 2nd, my family played an event at a violin shop. While we were there, we entered a raffle drawing for a full-size violin outfit because my youngest daughter is ready for a full-size violin. While I was buying tickets I was joking with another woman who was also buying tickets...I told her to keep her money because I was going to win the violin. We talked about my daughter a little bit, and she told me that if she won the violin she would give my daughter her current violin.

We couldn't stay around for the actual drawing because we had another gig to get to. The next day came and went and we never got a phone call so we assumed the violin had been won by someone else. The following week my husband got a call. It was the woman I had been joking with, and she had won the new violin! She was calling to see if my daughter wanted her other violin.

This week we finally had time to go look at the violin and determine if it was a good fit for Kayleigh. My daughter liked it, and we worked out a deal with the woman. Actually, she was willing to give it to us - a complete, free gift - but I was also willing to pay something and gave her the cash I had on hand.

As we drove away I was struck by the kindness and generosity this woman had toward us - complete strangers. She had been blessed with a new violin, and she was now willing to give away what she no longer needed. What a beautiful example.

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Our White Christmas

We've lived in Oregon 8 years now and this was our first white Christmas here. We were pleasantly surprised on Christmas Eve when the snowflakes started falling. They fell fast and furiously for several hours before the precipitation turned to a wintry mix and coated everything with ice.

We didn't have any plans, so even though many were stranded and events were cancelled, we were cozy and warm in our home.

Christmas morning came and went, but the ice remained. Roads were good enough that our friends were able to join us for dinner Christmas evening. And roads were good enough that my husband and girls could go see the new Star Wars movie the day after Christmas.

While so many are ready and done with Christmas on the 26th, we are happy to let it linger and continue enjoying our tree, lights and the slower pace of life. I really don't understand the rush to be done with it all.

We've enjoyed having friends over for dinner and tea, we've taken lunch to a friend with a brand new baby, we've gone out to dinner and gone for walks as a family. It's been a restful week. We even enjoyed ringing in the New Year early by playing at an Irish pub and counting down to the Irish New Year - which was 4pm our time!

Now the New Year is here - Happy 2018! - the Christmas decorations have been put away, the house has been cleaned and we are moving on ahead. We've got a birthday party this week, Grandparents arriving and next week my journey of parenting a teenager begins! Ready or we go!

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Upping the Ante

It's Dressember and I'm wearing a dress every day during the month of December to raise awareness and funds in the fight against modern day slavery. The first week and a half I wore a different dress each day. Then I got the idea to wear the same black dress every day, but style it differently each day. It was fun and a great challenge in creativity and simplicity, so I offered to got a second week if I got enough donations.

The donations came pouring in, and I've been stretching my creative muscles finding new ways to wear the dress this week.

It's actually been fun, and I've decided to up the ante and wear the dress again next week (I'll definitely take a break from it over the weekend). BUT....I really want to meet and then exceed my fundraising goal. So...for each $50 raised, I'll find a new way to wear this dress. If you can donate $5, $10, $20...any amount, it would greatly be appreciated.

You can find my fundraising page HERE.

Thank you.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Around the House

The other day I was feeling like I was in a slump when it comes to photography. We haven't been hiking or getting out much, and the garden isn't blooming so I haven't had much to photograph. And then I decided that I was being silly and needed to just get the camera out and walk around my house and yard. I discovered there is plenty to photograph....

can you see my reflection in the glass stones?

My youngest daughter painted this rock and put it in the front garden. 
She also added some festive garland to the tree trunk. 

blooming in the garden...