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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wildflowers Along the Trail

Spring hiking provides an extra element of wonder and surprise, for those who care to notice, in its wide variety and display of wildflowers. As a gardener I know how much time and care is required for plants to flourish and bloom, so I'm appreciative of these flowers that just pop up without any help.

On our most recent hike up Saddle Mountain, we were treated to trillium...

Indian paintbrush...

Chocolate lily....


Pink fawn lily...

even dandelions looks pretty along the trail...

There were others, but some of my photos didn't turn out. Plus, my family doesn't wait for me as I stop and take photos, so in order to avoid having to run up the mountain, I pick and choose which flowers I'll stop for. 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Family Hike

Now that our cd is done, we are able to spend our weekends hiking again. The trails have become so crowded in these areas that we aim to do the more popular ones on weekdays, and this past Friday we set out to climb Saddle Mountain in Oregon's coastal range.

The trail starts out in a forest and springtime in the forest is my favorite time. The greens are so lush, ferns are still uncurling and the wildflowers are fresh and beautiful.

Once you get through the forest, you start getting amazing views. On really clear days you can see several major mountain peaks and even the Pacific Ocean.

Eventually you get to the "saddle" and you have to cross to get between the two peaks of this mountain. In the photo above, we were looking down from the upper peak to the saddle which we had already crossed. And the in the photo below, we were looking up at the higher peak from the saddle.

Finally we made it to the summit of the upper peak and were rewarded with amazing views. We didn't see any of the major mountain peaks, but we could see the ocean.

Can you see the black specks in the photo below? Those were some sort of flies and they were everywhere on the summit. They didn't bite or really even land on us, but they did fly around our heads and annoy us. We didn't stay on the summit long because of them. 

After our brief stay on the summit,  we turned around and headed back down to the car.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Bridgid's Cross

I don't know how much I've talked about it here, but a couple years ago our family started a new hobby - a family band. What started as occasional street corner performances has evolved into regular appearances at farmer's markets and wineries. Last summer we were asked several times if we had a cd available for purchase and we were encouraged to make one - so recording became our winter project.

Six months and many, many hours later....our first cd is finished and the hard copies have arrived, just in time for farmer's market season.

It's far from perfect and was hard work (I didn't even do most of the work!), but I'm grateful we did it. I learned a lot and think I really grew as a musician. I love that our girls are included on two tracks and I love that both my husband and I wrote and recorded original tunes. 

If you are interested in hearing samples from the tracks, you can do that HERE. If you happen to be local, you can check out our upcoming performance schedule on our facebook page.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


When we bought this house 7 years ago, the yard was in SAD shape. The landscaping in front was so overgrown and heavy on the evergreen shrubs and trees. The backyard had NOTHING except one tree and an ugly fence. The fence was not ours so we didn't have the freedom to replace or improve it. It belonged to the city and was enclosing the pod / swamp / marsh that our property lies next to. Over the years I added a few plants in an effort to help hide the dilapidated fence. Last year these trumpet vines finally bloomed and this year they were already coming in so nicely.

Until the city officials knocked on my door and told me they were replacing the fence and I would likely lose my plants.

I know they are just plants, but I waited YEARS for them to get to this point. And part of me was excited about the new fence.

The crew decided to do our stretch first and Monday was demolition day. I was quite worried they would scare our duckling family away, but the ducklings hung around and were probably happy with the easier access into our yard in search of food.

No fence...I do wish we could just leave it open.

I would love to have the space as an extension of my yard.

But on Tuesday morning we woke to find the crew putting in the new fence. It IS nicer. It's taller and has a bar across the top for better support. But it's so shiny and noticeable and feels so industrial. I feel so fenced in.

I didn't move my plants, just cut them. Maybe, just maybe, they will survive and thrive. City officials didn't tell me not to grow anything on the new fence and I didn't ask.

I guess the new fence in an improvement overall, but I'm missing the old one.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Our neighborhood is nestled between two lakes, and our house lot is right next to a pond...the perfect habitat for ducks. Every year we are thrilled to have a duckling family that we can observe from our backyard. It doesn't take long to establish a relationship with the mama duck and her ducklings. Usually a few handfuls of cheerios and bread will do the trick. This year was no different and within two days of first seeing the ducklings, we had them wandering into our yard in search of food. 

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Evening Walks

It's always a good idea to take an evening walk with your camera in hand....

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