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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Learning Civics

Our homeschool plans changed big time this year, and we found ourselves having to find and choose new curriculum. While looking for a history curriculum, I ran across this Civics study. This is an area I'm pretty weak in and since we've done world history and US history a couple times now, I thought this might be interesting for all of us. So far it's been a great fit!

I absolutely love the foundation that Classical Conversations has laid for us (I guess that's why they call the early years Foundations!). This curriculum is written from a Christian perspective, which at times I appreciate and other times I cringe (I'm very wary of civil religion).

Anyway, one day we headed to our local library to find a copy of Oregon's state constitution, and then we headed over to the courthouse to look around. It's so nice to be able to do this easily now that we are in a smaller county!

And now we have local and state elections coming up - so much to learn about and talk about!

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Golden Birthday

Someone turned 12 on the 12th!
In our house we call that "golden" birthday. 

the decorations were gold
the cake was gold
some of the presents were gold

We keep birthdays pretty simple around here. Some of our traditions include a poem written just for you, surprise decorations put up after you go to bed and food of your choice for all the meals. 

One more year until we officially have two teens in the house!

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Poetry Tea Time

Poetry Tea Time is a fun part of our homeschool experience. We don't always get to it weekly, but we do try to do it a couple times a month. Usually it's just the three of us girls, but we also try to invite others to join us when possible. 

We usually bake some treats, make some tea and take turns reading poems.

I love finding and adding special things to our tea time. I found these "pinky up" teas and flavored sugars at a local shop.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018


If you know me well, you know that I love to read! I read aloud to my kids every morning, almost always have an audio book going for when I'm driving, walking or running, and find time to sit down and read daily. It's more than a hobby - it's a way of life for me.

I used to own hundreds of books, but after moving several times and discovering the joys of owning less, I got rid of most of my books. We still had plenty, but I began to rely on the library as my primary source for books.

I love libraries. Love, love, love the library system. It's magical that you have access to almost any book you want for free. Sure...sometimes you have to wait a bit, but that makes it even sweeter once the book is in your hands.

Our new library has a shelf with books for sale for $1 each. I feel like it's a treasure hunt each time I go and see if there are any gems hiding there, waiting to come home with me. So far I have found the 4 books pictured above. I've already read them all, but they are definitely titles I'd like to read again and so I bought them. Plus, I have extra room on my shelves for some new titles.

Book Girl by Sarah Clarkson is a book about books and reading, and I'm really enjoying it so far. It has inspired me to be a little more careful in my selection of what I will read next. Since joining "bookstagram" (an instagram community all about books), I've found myself picking up titles just because everyone else is reading them and not because they actually appeal to me.

Year of Wonder is another title I recently picked up. Although music is a big part of my life, I don't spend time listening to music or learning about music regularly. Hopefully this will be my daily dose of both for a while.

I'd love to know what you are reading or who your favorite author is.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


Our new property is full of trees and some of them are turning glorious shades of red, orange and yellow right now.

And yet we are adding even more trees to the property! So far we have planted an apple tree - grafted with 4 varieties of apples, a birch, an arborvitae and 2 cedars!

I guess it's tree season at our house in more ways than one!

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Grammar Fun

This year I added a little grammar fun to our educational experience. 

These little "props" will probably make a bigger impact than any lesson I could teach.

We've also had a little fun with spelling, using some of these crazy sentences to learn the "i before e" rule.

I before E except when eight feisty neighbors become over caffeinated and seize a sleigh filled with counterfeit freight while being pulled by eight foreign reindeer.

I before E unless you leisurely deceived eight overweight heirs to forfeit their sovereign conceits.

Atheists don't believe in I before E. Neither do theists. Neither does 'neither'. No one believes in grammar rules.

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