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Monday, January 27, 2014

Clutterfree With Kids ~ a new book by Joshua Becker

In his new book, Clutterfree with Kids, Joshua Becker explores the benefits of living with less with personal stories and challenges us all to embrace the freedom of a minimalist lifestyle.

First of all, this is NOT a book about organizing your child's toys. You will not find practical tips on how to set up your child's room or playroom. Instead you will find an inspiring case for the minimalist lifestyle. Joshua dispels the common myths associated with minimalism and instead lays out compelling reasons why living with less is attractive and freeing.

The book is organized into three sections: Change your thinking, discover new habits and free your lifestyle.

In the first section, Change Your Thinking, you will see the case for minimalism and all the benefits that result from this lifestyle. Joshua offers practical steps for implementing change and getting your family on board. I especially appreciated the chapter about including your children in the process.

The second section, Discover New Habits, goes through specific areas where clutter is a problem (toys, clothes, artwork, sentimental items, collections, screens, photos, gifts, packing, schedules and preparing for baby). Each chapter begins with a story of change - a personal account and testimony that relates to the subject at hand. Next Joshua challenges the reader to change your thinking about the subject by putting the subject in a new light. Next we are encouraged to discover new habits. This is full of practical advice about decluttering and getting rid of the excess. Finally, each chapter ends with Free Your Home - a series of questions to keep you thinking and really analyze your situation.

The final section of the book, Free Your Life, takes it all one step further. In this section Joshua discusses things like parenting, being an example to the rest of your family and keeping momentum.

I am so thankful Joshua wrote this book. His experience and his expertise are so well expressed in an encouraging way. I feel like I've done well as a parent when it comes to clutter and helping my family find value in experiences rather than stuff, yet I walked away from this book with even more ideas and inspiration. This book is full and rich with ideas.

I really appreciated the messages Joshua repeated over and over. Watch less tv, model simplicity, change your thinking, be intentional and gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! Joshua has challenged me to re-evaluate what I treasure by evaluating how I fill my living space and life.

Be sure to head over to Joshua's blog, Becoming Minimalist to learn even more about this new book. And don't forget to get yourself a copy of the book. This week the digital versions of the book are only $2.99 - after this week the price will go up to $6.99. There is also a paperback version available.

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