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Monday, January 1, 2018

Our White Christmas

We've lived in Oregon 8 years now and this was our first white Christmas here. We were pleasantly surprised on Christmas Eve when the snowflakes started falling. They fell fast and furiously for several hours before the precipitation turned to a wintry mix and coated everything with ice.

We didn't have any plans, so even though many were stranded and events were cancelled, we were cozy and warm in our home.

Christmas morning came and went, but the ice remained. Roads were good enough that our friends were able to join us for dinner Christmas evening. And roads were good enough that my husband and girls could go see the new Star Wars movie the day after Christmas.

While so many are ready and done with Christmas on the 26th, we are happy to let it linger and continue enjoying our tree, lights and the slower pace of life. I really don't understand the rush to be done with it all.

We've enjoyed having friends over for dinner and tea, we've taken lunch to a friend with a brand new baby, we've gone out to dinner and gone for walks as a family. It's been a restful week. We even enjoyed ringing in the New Year early by playing at an Irish pub and counting down to the Irish New Year - which was 4pm our time!

Now the New Year is here - Happy 2018! - the Christmas decorations have been put away, the house has been cleaned and we are moving on ahead. We've got a birthday party this week, Grandparents arriving and next week my journey of parenting a teenager begins! Ready or we go!

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  1. Love this post! We are slowly and enjoying our time after Christmas. Hugs

  2. I guess my impression that Oregon is 'under snow all winter' is totally wrong!

    Your photos are always great to see, even of the unexpected snow :)

    1. some parts of Oregon are snowy all winter, but not here near Portland.

  3. Oh how cool - the snow started falling on the "right day" for a white Christmas. I totally agree, Christmas should be leisurely and enjoyable, not rushing along. My Christmas decor lingers till mid-January:)
    A happy New Year to you and your family! Enjoy January!

  4. We had a white Christmas too (well a white Monday for me!) SO pretty and glad you've had a great holiday week!

  5. Jill - I am a new visitor to your blog - coming from All Seasons - if this is the type of post you usually do - I am in! Your pictures and narrative are top notch! Happy New Year!

  6. I love the grass "under ice". Happy New Year!!

  7. Nice images - and I was delighted to see that you remembered "the reason for the season"!
    Thanks for linking up at

  8. Most people in the UK keep their decorations up until after New Year, the tradition is that they must be down by 12th night


  9. So cold! So beautiful! We are From Eugene and live there in summer and fall now. Family tell us they escaped your snow.