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Thursday, January 4, 2018

A New Violin

On December 2nd, my family played an event at a violin shop. While we were there, we entered a raffle drawing for a full-size violin outfit because my youngest daughter is ready for a full-size violin. While I was buying tickets I was joking with another woman who was also buying tickets...I told her to keep her money because I was going to win the violin. We talked about my daughter a little bit, and she told me that if she won the violin she would give my daughter her current violin.

We couldn't stay around for the actual drawing because we had another gig to get to. The next day came and went and we never got a phone call so we assumed the violin had been won by someone else. The following week my husband got a call. It was the woman I had been joking with, and she had won the new violin! She was calling to see if my daughter wanted her other violin.

This week we finally had time to go look at the violin and determine if it was a good fit for Kayleigh. My daughter liked it, and we worked out a deal with the woman. Actually, she was willing to give it to us - a complete, free gift - but I was also willing to pay something and gave her the cash I had on hand.

As we drove away I was struck by the kindness and generosity this woman had toward us - complete strangers. She had been blessed with a new violin, and she was now willing to give away what she no longer needed. What a beautiful example.

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  1. What a beautiful testimony, Jill! and what a wonderful memory for your daughter to have for an instrument she will likely treasure for a long time to come.

  2. A lovely, generous lady!! And it sure looks like a good fit judging from the smile!

  3. How wonderful! May she play it in good health.

  4. I loved reading this! Wouldn't it be wonderful if more people displayed the generosity that both you and this other woman showed?
    What a great New Year's gift to your daughter!