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Monday, May 30, 2016

Good, Random, Fun ~ Week 22

the GOOD
In 2016 I'm attempting to do #52weeksofstorytelling with a different theme each week.
Week 21/52 - Balance

I think we all struggle to some degree to find balance in our lives. As my girls get older and transition from childhood to teen years, I'm finding the balance between parent and companion to be a struggle. I know it's not my duty to be a friend to my girls, but I certainly want to have a good relationship with them. I want them to be able to talk to me and want to spend time with them...but so often the "mom" part gets in our way. Or maybe it's the hormones...

more GOOD
hiking and waterfalls
We managed to hit the trails twice this week!

wildflowers, fresh eggs and summery days

the FUN
more macro fun from my backyard

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  1. All pictures are just amazing and beautiful.

  2. Wow! Your collection of photos are amazing. I love the scenery from your hike, very like here. I also love your macros. I am sure as your daughters mature they will appreciate you more and you will have a great relationship with them. We all get along well with our Mum, as adults, although I am sure we were trying at times as teens.

  3. What fun egg colors! The hikes look superb this week!

  4. The trails and waterfalls are exquisite! I loved the macros from your backyard...there are many stories there.

    My children are now adults so I know your dilemma. I believe girls enjoy close relationships with their Moms but also need space to develop and grow and need peer friendship. It's good to find a balance of both. Keeping an open mind and ear to their conversations and concerns helps. Spending quality time like hiking is a good way to do that.

  5. Your macros are so beautiful! You're a good mom, teaching by example your kids about nature! The waterfall in the background is stunning! Thanks you for being a part of SEASONS with all these stunning details. It's always a joy to look at your posts! Jesh~

  6. Beautiful photos! Here from Seasons. I love the photo of the eggs!

  7. Yes, it is so hard to find that balance in parenthood. Often parents want to be too much of a friend and don't establish boundaries. Children grave the structure and the boundaries.

  8. Beautiful images! Parenting certainly is a balancing act. Blame the hormones. It's always the hormones.

  9. Lovely life images this week. I think when your girls are older you will be so glad you captured them so well throughout their childhood.

    Hormones.... haahaa, ahhhh yes. You are a good momma, you'll find that friendship starts to take over as they grow more into adulthood.

    Lisa @ LTTL