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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Garden

It's been quite a week for me...I've spent the majority of it in bed with a horrible sinus infection. I had grand plans for gardening this week, but instead I've been inside sleeping and watching Downton Abbey (thankful for the dvds of season 6 from the library!)

Nature is doing it's thing without me, and my garden is just bursting with life!

taking a moment to find joy in the little things




I did manage to plant my veggies before falling sick, so at least they are in. 

And I'm so happy to see multiple buds on my peony bushes!

We are going to have a great raspberry harvest this year.


I bought this clematis on clearance last week and it still lays where I set it down a week ago.

and here's the "line-up" of ferns and foxgloves waiting to be planted...



all over my lupine

I bought an organic spray that is supposed to kill them but I don't think it works.

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  1. Sorry you're sick! The garden all looks so hopeful, though (minus those aphids!). The roses and lilacs are beautiful!

  2. So so pretty! Hope you're better now and can enjoy it!

  3. Is that a peony bud I see? So soon?
    Lovely shots!
    Thanks for joining the party at

  4. Such a beautiful garden! Beautiful shots!

  5. thank goodness garden go on without us most of the time-1

  6. Wow, your flowers are so beautiful!

  7. These are like a walk through a well watered garden! Hope you are feeling better.