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Monday, January 25, 2016

Good, Random, Fun ~ Week 4

the GOOD
In 2016 I'm attempting to do #52weeksofstorytelling with a different theme each week.
Week 3/52 - Adventure

Adventures (big and small) are fairly common occurrences for our family. On this particular morning, though, I was desperate to get out of the house and soak up some sunshine. The girls and I bundled up, packed some snacks and drove to the trailhead of my favorite waterfall. I don't have any significant stories to tell about that day, but I remember us all being very happy. And I remember that we each ate a piece of chocolate in front of the waterfall. 

more beauty finds as I walk my neighborhood....
moss, feathers and more moss
ivy on bark, steeples, waterfalls
tall trees and new trails

the FUN
Continuing with my 365_today challenge
between (moss between the bricks), tribute (all the states my husband and I have lived), water
blue, I did this today (read), people

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  1. I love the state prints!!Where did you get them from!?

    1. Mari Orr - an artist out of Chicago made them for me. I follow her on instagram (@meanderingmari).

  2. The blue flowers are wonderful...and the states! What a great idea!

  3. sometimes the adventure is putting one foot in front of the other and getting away from the TV, computer and smartphone and visiting nature (and rewarding yourself with a piece of chocolate along with memories of making that hike together). Love the blue flower arrangement.

  4. I always love seeing what adventures you've been on, what you are doing, through your photos.

  5. The vase of blue flowers is beautiful. Not a color seen much in nature. I'm a bit stir crazy as well but get so cold outside! #LTTL

  6. I really love that shot of your girls with the umbrellas. It would make a great entry canvas. The top shot is pretty priceless as well, you captured their relationship well.

    Lisa at Life Thru the Lens