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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blooms, Hiking and Umbrellas

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

We've continued to have gorgeous spring weather. It's so fun to see signs of new life every where you look.

I posted a different shot of this road yesterday in black and white. I've been wanting to get this shot for quite some time, and earlier this week I finally got it. I just love this road from this perspective.

We had a busier than normal weekend and weren't able to get out as a family. Thankfully my husband had Monday off and the weather was perfect for getting out. We enjoyed a lovely hike (even though the trail we wanted to take was closed) and had a great day.

Earlier this week one of my instagram prompts was "rain". Well, it wasn't raining, but I had the bright idea to take the girls and their new umbrellas across the street to the park. I posed them to get a few shots...

then they started doing this...

jumping off benches and garbage cans to see if the umbrellas would catch wind and open

maybe they want to be Mary Poppins?

Also, this is a common sight when I look out the window. The girls enjoy giving each other rides in the wheelbarrow. Kids don't need toys - they need wheelbarrows!


  1. I love the photos of the quince, and those hiking photos are spectacular, but the ones of your sweet girls are the best!

  2. Love your Rowena Dell photos :) Cant wai't til the flowers really come into bloom! That place is amazing as long as you can find a day that is not too windy!

  3. your photos are breath-taking!

  4. Wonderful photos - each and every one!
    Thanks for sharing at

  5. I used to love playing in my dad's wheelbarrow!!
    So funny that you didn't have rain, the one thing you often think about in Oregon!

  6. Amazing images -- umbrellas are such fun to play with, rain or shine. :)

  7. Nice blossom pics! I'm loving all the blooming trees around here. And Rowena Crest is one of my springtime favorite places. I'm just waiting for the balsamroot to bloom.

  8. How beautiful! Gorgeous photography of Spring and fun!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. Your spring pictures are gorgeous! Those colors are amazing. We're still defrosting in the northeast so all that spring is making me anxious for our flowers and trees to start budding!

  10. I love the second shot's flowers! They are so interesting, and not something I have even seen before. The Mary Poppins style photos are so fun, too!

  11. Great shots, love the kids having fun! The road reminds me of some of the mountain roads I see here in New Zealand.

  12. So refreshing to see PINK! Thanks for sharing.
    That hike looks amazing and the umbrella shots are so fun!

  13. ACK! you are all a bloom. Makes me totally excited for our part of the world to join you. Soon, soon.