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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Capturing Blessings ~ Week 1

Last year my friend, Lisa, got me hooked on daily photo prompts. I've done many (too many) photo prompt lists since then, but I'm so happy to be joining her again as I capture the blessings around me.

day 1 {royal blue}
I had no idea my girl would choose royal blue bands at her orthodonist appointment that morning!

day 2 {golden}
I was stumped on "gold" but then I saw this golden frog in my rose bush

day 3 {green}
It wasn't hard to find a green frog for this one. I love my frogs!

day 4 {gray}
I really wasn't sure what I would post that was gray, but as I looked at my favorite mountain, 
I saw many layers of gray that make up this magnificent volcano and cascade peak.

day 5 {pale yellow}
Another frog..this one sitting next to my pale yellow pot.

day 6 {sepia brown}
Again...wasn't sure what I'd post for this color but I saw these beautiful leaves hanging down.

day 7 {burnt orange}
The orange in these plants was so vivid and bright

linking up with Life Through the Lens

I'm also doing another 31 day photo prompt challenge...the ABCs of violin


  1. Beautiful snippets of fall. Thanks for sharing with us : )

  2. Lovely photos. I am enjoying all the colorful prompts as well.

  3. I loved that your daughter choose that color. How awesome is that. I'm thrilled you are joining me again. it is so very fun.