Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


taking a moment to find joy in the little things

Fall here in the PNW is spectacular! We've had blue skies and sunshine...perfect for hiking. (although I would argue that gray skies and rain is perfect for hiking, too, because I think hiking in any weather is fabulous!)

Check out the beauty we saw on Saturday's hike...that's Mt. Hood - looks so different from this view point.

and around the yard and house...

My husband bought me an electric violin for my birthday. It was being custom made in Czech Republic and it finally arrived this past week! Eek!!

Also...still have lots of garden friends hanging around.

{funny and real}
The REAL real going on in my life is too heavy to post about so I'll just stick with books. The only way I can seem to understand and keep reading a "classic" is to also read a children's version. Is it just me?

Also...I've got to stop listening to podcasts and reading blog posts that recommend books.
This is my current stack of books to read.


  1. Such gorgeous scenes, I've been to Portland in all the seasons, except early fall - by November it was raining!

  2. Lovely shots of...everything! Thanks.


  3. Lovely photos. I enjoy Sally Clarkson books too.

  4. I seriously think you could do an entire compilation of frogs and put them in a book and sell it.

    The Mission of Motherhood and Ministry of Motherhood were both great books. Atlas Girl is on my short list.

  5. The violin is gorgeous! Congratulations! Beautiful Shots! My heart is yearning for a hike!

  6. I think that scenery is more than just pretty... it is breathtaking


  7. I have to laugh because the same thing is happening to me with reading blogs and getting long lists of book I have to read!

    And that violin! Oh my goodness, how awesome is that!

  8. These are so beautiful as always! I love that green pumpkin!