Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Monday, November 25, 2013

Take a Hike

Over the past couple of years I have developed a love of hiking. It helps that I live in an area where trails abound and the scenery is beautiful. To the west I have the coast, coastal mountains and plenty of wildlife refuges. To the east I have mountains, forests, waterfalls and rivers.

I will hike in any season and in any weather. Hiking does something for me that nothing else can. It also has been a great activity to pursue as a family.

Our kids have been hiking since before they could even walk. Not only is it good exercise, it's an amazing way to spend time as a family. We explore, discover, tell stories, play games, laugh, cry, eat, get lost, experience nature up close and personal and see amazing things. We get hot, cold, muddy, wet and tired.

We get away from our home and our stuff and spend time with each other in nature. It really doesn't get any better than that. I hope when the girls are older that they look back on these times with fondness. I hope they will call us up and ask us to join them and their kids on hikes.

With my camera in hand, I've discovered a whole new aspect of hiking....looking closely and capturing the beauty of nature. I look at things differently when I look through the camera lens. Instead of seeing dried up weeds or bare trees, I see beauty in the form and shape.

I challenge you to spend some time outside this week - go for a hike, or at least a walk!

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  1. Do you know about geocaching? It's treasure hunting that often takes you to beautiful places you would likely not have discovered on your own. It would add another level of excitement for your girls. You can read about it at

    1. You know...we haven't gone geocaching intentionally, but we have run across a few capsules. We were very excited to look inside and add something to the collection! Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Hiking is the one reason why I buy a season pass to Yosemite every year now!. We haven't done any of the big hikes (still have not done Half Dome!), but like you, I love to get away and enjoy God's beautiful creation!

  3. Hi Jill. I love to hike too! I like how it take us away from our every day stuff and the from the media, most of the time there is no WiFi out there. My kids and I are "forced" to enjoy each other company, and we end up having a great time. I also hope that when my kids get older they remember those times we spent out there in the woods. I know I will remember them.

  4. Love, love, love these photos!!! My girls and I are happiest when we are outside playing, walking, enjoying God's creations :) Have a beautiful day!!