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Friday, November 22, 2013

Making Room for Christmas ~ Week 2

How did you do this week? Did you take some time to think things through and write down your plans/dreams? Did you find anything to get rid of?

I did.

We've had a box in our garage for several months where we have been collecting things for Operation Christmas Child. I was glad to empty the box and fill those shoeboxes!

I also came across three blog posts that I think are worth sharing.

The first is a challenge to 86 your clutter - can you find 86 things to get rid of in less than 2 hours? I'm working on this myself! We are getting new carpet this week so I've got a lot of clearing to do in preparation.

Next up...instead of making a Christmas "to do" list, try making a "not to do" list!  What will you NOT do this year? Hopefully by doing less, you will be more.

And when it comes to shopping, here's a GREAT guide to shopping ethically. I know I'll be referring to list all year.

Here's the weekly challenge: Find and plan something to do (other than shopping) on black Friday. I know there are great deals out there, but the best way to fight clutter is to STOP bringing it into your home. Our family loves to go hiking the day after Thanksgiving.

And give the 86 your clutter challenge a go!

Take a minute to let me know how your planning / decluttering is going - I love hearing from you!

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