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Thursday, September 19, 2013

{p,h,f,r} - Compassion and Sponsorship

I'm taking a different approach to {p,h,f,r} today. If you are a regular reader here at Daily Bread, you already know that September is Compassion blogging month. Each week we are given an assignment by Compassion International and we write - with the purpose and hope that our readers will be moved to sponsor a child. 

This week our assignment was to choose one of Compassion's photos and tell a story. The story I'm choosing to tell is that through the ministry of Compassion, I regularly see pretty, happy, funny and real things. 

The children are pretty, happy and funny.

Poverty is real.

Having a sponsor is happy.

Sponsorship works - it's real.

Leading a child and their family to Christ is the most beautiful thing. And happy. And real.


 Thanks to one of my readers, Maria in Colombia has a sponsor!
Grateful for the role God allowed me to play in connecting the two.

Kids will be kids

There are so many children waiting. 
Some have been waiting more than a year.

See for yourself who is waiting.

Younger children
Older children

Children in Africa
Children in Central and South America
Children in Asia


Sponsorship works...there is research to prove it.

Sponsor a child today.
If you feel compelled to step into the life of a child, 
please use the link above to choose a child.
And please let me know. 

All photos are from Compassion International.

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  1. I love how you incorporated more than one photo for this post and still keep to the theme. So creative!