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Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Last week we were in Illinois visiting my family and I posted this photo on Instagram - a different kind of beauty than I'm used to...

And today we went to a nearby dahlia farm. So many varieties - all so beautiful. I'll put a few photos up today and put more up tomorrow in case you are interested in seeing more.

As I said before, we were in Illinois last week. It had been 2 years since our last visit and it was so good to see family and friends - especially my grandma who recently turned 98. The girls and I gave a couple violin concerts at the nursing home where she lives and it was a joy for all of us. 

Four generations!

You know what they do really well in Illinois? - grow good sweet corn! Yum, yum, yum. We ate corn four different nights for dinner and it was good all four nights! 

My mom and all the kids are pretending to get run over by this huge Caterpillar truck. This was my mom's idea because she's just a big kid trapped in an adult's body! She's fun like that.

When we got home from our trip, I headed out back to see my garden. My neighbor, who watered the garden while we were gone, left this bow and note on one of our cucumbers. 

When you take kids with you to a farm, and the sprinklers are on....they will get wet.

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