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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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I had the opportunity to fly to Montana this past weekend and my views from the plane were spectacular! Below you will see Mt. Rainier.

We also spent one evening in Red Lodge, MT and the sky and sunset was gorgeous.

The reason I went to Montana was to speak at a Compassion event. I love, love, love the ministry of Compassion and I love to share with others how they can make Compassion their family ministry. In the past my husband and I have presented this talk, but this time I had to do it solo. It was fun to get away alone, but it's always more fun to have my better half with me.

While I was away, I got to walk through the Compassion Mobile Experience. Wow. It's amazing.

I also got to meet Godfrey Miheso  - Compassion graduate from Kenya. His story is so inspiring and he is such a neat person. I am so thankful to get to know these amazing people - they inspire me to continue to speak up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

And reuniting with friends is always a joy. Jane, in the middle, is one of my favorite people on this earth. I met her when I lived in Minnesota and talk to her every other week on the phone. I want to be like Jane when I grow up. And Juli, on the far right, she's an amazing inspiration to me as well. I got to room with her all weekend. I love having women in my life whom I can look up to.

My girls made a fort and then sat on top of it to watch their movie.

This darling, stupid bird has made a residence in our roof. This is not a new problem. It's happened before, but we thought we took care of the problem. I won't go into the details, but it did involve a bb gun and perhaps the result was birds that were resting eternally. Anyway, THIS bird and it's mate (which look exactly like the last birds) have now moved in (despite all the hole stuffing stuff we filled all the spaces with). And it wakes us up every single morning. We sleep with the window open and around 5 am the birds start singing. 

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  1. Thank you for all your work on behalf of Compassion! Annie

  2. Oh, those plane pics are really great! The Compassion Mobile Experience was really well done - I'm so glad you finally got to go!

  3. First time participating for me and thought I would check out all the other posts. Very enjoyable. I especially liked the Compassion pic as we sponsored a boy for many years.

  4. Oh such good holy work! And such big "I LOVE YOU(s)" from God in that landscape, God Bless!