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Monday, July 8, 2013

Compassion Mobile Experience

This past weekend, I finally had the opportunity to go through the Compassion Mobile Experience, an amazing exhibit of Compassion International. Ever since this exhibit hit the road, I've been wanting to go through it. I kept waiting for it to come my way, and even though I live in a big city, it hasn't made a stop here. So I went to it. I flew from Oregon to Billings, Montana.

It was AMAZING. 

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain a bit. This exhibit is housed inside two semi-trucks. They drive around the country to big events and set up so the public can experience the work of Compassion

When you enter the exhibit, you are given a choice of three different stories...Ruben in Bolivia, Julian in Uganda and Brinda in India. Once you choose your story, you are given an ipod and headset and you begin to walk through the exhibit.

Compassion has made realistic replications of homes, bedrooms, hospital rooms, Compassion projects, alleys and more, and you visit these rooms and learn about the child whose story you are listening to. At the end of the story, you watch a video of where each child lives and then the grown up child makes an appearance in the video and encourages you to find your own Ruben, Julian or Brinda to sponsor. You then go to the impact room where child packets line the wall. Sometimes (thought not this time), Julian and Brinda are there to greet you!

I'm so thankful for this exhibit. It's not the same as visiting a country and seeing the work of Compassion with your own eyes, but it's a great way to spread the message of this ministry. 

It's very powerful and very moving. Each story is different and unique. I'm thankful I was able to go through all three and didn't have to choose just one.

For more information about the Compassion Mobile Experience, visit the website

Want to know if it's coming near you? Here's the schedule for the next couple months.

July 11-14 
Oshkosh, WI - Lifest

August 1-4
Geneva, IL - First Baptist Church

August 6-10
Muskegon, MI - Unity Festival

September 6-9
Williamsville, NY - Eastern Hills Church

September 13-16
Lancaster, OH - Fairfield Christian Church

for dates beyond that, check the event finder

 Even if you have to drive a couple hours, it's worth it. And if you've gone before....go again. 

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