Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Friday, July 12, 2013

Random Thoughts

Parades - We went to a parade last night. Not a big parade, but still decent sized for a small town. It lasted an hour and was nothing like the parades I grew up watching. No candy. (What are parades good for if there is no candy being thrown at small children?)  Hardly any floats. A lot of people just walking behind banners. And tow trucks. And semi-trucks. Even drain trucks. It just seemed like a lot of advertising. Since when does Safeway need to drive a truck through a parade to advertise? Who goes to a parade, sees a Safeway truck in a parade and thinks, "Gee....I really should get my groceries at Safeway!"?

But logs....that's a different story. Everyone wants to see logs when they go to a parade. 

I wonder how you earn the right to ride the logs.

Seriously, there were 3 or 4 trucks with logs that went through the parade.

Laundry and Dishes - I feel like the only way I will ever have these two duties completely taken care of is if I stop wear clothes and stop eating. I unload the dishwasher only to fill it again with breakfast dishes. Sometimes I try to unload the dishwasher right before going to bed so the dishes can spend the night in the cupboard.

Fashion - Every once in a while I try to be a bit more fashionable in my clothing choices. When I try the clothes on I feel cute and fashionable. But when I actually wear the clothes, I feel like a poser. I need to stick to my basics and stop trying to look cute.

Deodorant (or lack thereof) - I'm having a mammogram today and was told not to wear deodorant, lotion or perfume. Just knowing I got ready without applying deodorant makes me feel stinky. I'm sure as I get closer and closer to the exam, I will perspire profusely just because....

Buttery Bagels of Love - This just happens to be what my girls are singing right now. I don't really have any thoughts about bagels buttered with love or lovely buttered bagels.


  1. Love random thoughts posts. Where was the parade? Logs & Safeway, that is funny. Laundry & Dishes, isn't that the truth. An uphill battle in our house as well. I think you have great fashion sense. You always look adorable Jill. And the mammogram, everything turn out ok?

    1. The Parade was in Sandy, so that explains a lot : )

      The mammogram results were good -thank God! Just a little scare, and a good, though early start, on what will become an annual tradition from here on out.

  2. That parade sounds so sad!! I can just imagine Kevin's comments!