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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My 33 for Project 333

I'm really late on joining this round of Project 333. Officially this 3 month round started in April and it's already late-May. I know I'm late, but I'm finally motivated to limit myself to 33 wardrobe items for the next 6 weeks.

Here's what I've chosen to take me through the month of June....I think it's actually 31 items, but there's quite  a bit I'm not including.

white pants
black pants (2 pair)
black maxi skirt
black and white maxi skirt
flowered skirt
black dress
black tee
black long sleeved shirt
black shirt
black and white tee
gray Compassion tee
gray shirt
white tee
white long sleeved shirt
multi-colored shirt
gray and black striped shirt
black leggings
pink skirt
maroon skirt
coral shirt
mint shirt
coral and mint scarves
denim jacket
white, coral, mint and black tanks
teal long sleeved shirt

lots of black, white, gray, mint and coral - easy to mix and match and create new looks with minimum pieces

Here's what I'm not including...
work out clothes
lounge clothes
hiking clothes (I wear the same outfit every time)
socks and underwear
shoes (I only have a handful to begin with)
jewelry (I don't have much to begin with, and I what I have I want to wear more, not less)

I've packed the rest up and my closet has breathing room - it's wonderful!

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