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Thursday, May 23, 2013

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My husband was invited to speak at a conference on the coast, so we tagged along. While he was busy, the girls and I visited the aquarium.

My favorite creature to watch at an aquarium is an octopus. Since they are nocturnal, seeing them move is rare. This guy was sleeping when we first peeked in, but the second time he looked, he came out of the corner and opened up wide as if on display.

I love seeing all the underwater creatures...they are so amazing! Being able to spend this time with my girls made me so happy. Even better was that I picked up a tourist booklet and found a coupon for a free child admission with a paid adult admission!

It also makes me happy to come across creatures when we are out and about. We saw this snail (he was quite big for a snail) on our Saturday morning walk.

I love, love, love peonies. This is the first year I have flowers from my own bushes. I also love finding ways to bring nature in my home so these two buds make me very happy.

My box of supplies for Compassion Sunday came today! The presentation is June 2nd - time to start planning! 

Never assume the price of a live crab is the same as the price of a crab cooked and ordered for a meal. Our youngest wanted crab for dinner when we were at the coast. Seeing that it was $11.95 for live crab, we agreed that we would rather pay a little more and have her eat crab than pay $5.95 for grilled cheese or mac and cheese. 

So we ordered her one crab for dinner. Apparently the fries, lemon and cole slaw are worth an additional $26 because when the bill came out we were charged $38 for this. 

Mashed potatoes and gravy?'s actually mashed cauliflower and gravy. In an attempt to satisfy my craving for mashed potatoes AND stick to my slow carb diet, I made these. They were yummy. (And I don't think the gravy counts as slow carb, but I'm ok with that.)

For Mother's Day I got tickets for drawing lessons and ballet lessons. My youngest teaches me ballet lessons and my oldest teaches me drawing. This is my cat from my lesson yesterday. I got an A....

All the photos in this phone were taken with my iphone. After having the camera professionally cleaned, it was discovered that there is actually a scratch on the lens and it has to be sent away for replacement. Thankfully it is covered under warranty. Unfortunately it could take up to 6 weeks. 6 weeks without my camera....I need to find that point and shoot I used to use.

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  1. I'm sure those ballet lessons will come in handy sometime- as a dance teacher myself, I know that people can learn at any age.

    1. The funny part is that she has only had 5 weeks of ballet lessons herself - and that was 2 years ago! She has a couple videos she watches and a couple books, and I think she gets her moves from those.

  2. ouch! That is ONE SERIOUS kid's meal!

    Your Mother's Day presents are THE BEST, your pictures of aquatic life are STUNNING and I happen to LOVE peonies too- my dad calls them a poor man's rose. :-) Oh- and the drawing lessons are working! ;-)

  3. What neat gift ideas! I love your cat :) And yes, the aquarium photos are beautiful!! I think it's awesome the girls are cool with eating crab...but yikes on that price!