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Thursday, November 15, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real} - Peru

Today's post is a flashback to my trip to Peru in 2010. This week I have been following the Compassion Bloggers as they share with us their experience in Peru and thought I would do a {p,h,f,r} post about my time in Peru.

In the midst of poverty and despair there is hope ~ found within the walls of the local church where Compassion works. This hope is a beautiful thing. 

Aren't these girls, dressed in traditional clothes, so pretty? They performed some dances for us while we were there. 

At the end of our week we had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Machu Picchu.

On my first day in Peru, I began sponsoring Emanuel. Here I am with his entire family at their church. What a happy day ~ to begin a new sponsorship in person, with the whole family present.

Another happy moment was meeting Jazmin ~ one of my correspondent children. She's so pretty - I should put her picture up in the pretty category!

And meeting LDP student David and his mother. What a blessing!

And about this....I celebrated a very happy birthday!

This photo makes me so happy! These boys were just precious.


My friend Ian standing in front of a mural at the airport (above) and then in front of the real scene (below).

I was actually terrified to have this photo taken. I was afraid the llama would look up and spit on me.

The Peruvian hairless dog.

We had just come out of this haunted house and were pretending to be scared. Every time I look at this photo I laugh at that experience. Good memories.

This is what it is like for so many Peruvians. They build these dwellings on the sides of the dirt hills. It's rough. As I walked the streets I could not imagine living like this. But this is real.

Right now there are over 1,000 children in Peru who are waiting for a sponsor. For $38 a month you can end their wait and begin a special relationship with a child. To see some of the beautiful children, simply click HERE.

And to read about what Compassion is doing in Peru right now, simply click HERE and read some posts from the bloggers who are there. Shaun Groves, trip leader, wrote a wonderful post explaining exactly why sponsorship is so effective and the impact it has...How to Change the World on a Napkin

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  1. haven't been by here in a while... I love it.

    my heart is full about Patricia's post. Keep thinking about what I can do...

    maybe we can all tag team and raise money for that project... or what it would take to be able to help that project or start another one. Crazy me, huh?

    Love what you do.... you are so special to me.

    1. I like the way you think. I have never taken much of an interest in Burkina Faso simply because I didn't have any kids there. But my heart is broken. I can and will (probably) sponsor a child there...I would love to sponsor one from Sector 30, but maybe most of the country is in the same situation. It breaks my heart to think there are 3000 kids eligible for sponsorship....

  2. Love the photos of Ian! Thank you for sharing your pictures about your time there. Must be an amazing experience to see first hand how Compassion is making a positive difference in the lives of these kids and their families. One daughter and I are dreaming of going on a trip together to visit one of our sponsored kids.

    1. I have the same dream with my daughters. I hope to one day take them each to meet their birthday buddies!

      Do you know Ian?

  3. Those pictures are so amazing. Those children are just beautiful.

  4. The girl in the picture with you is definitely pretty! Beautiful eyes. I loved seeing these pictures particularly the dwellings. I will be reading your links at the bottom. Thanks for sharing