Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

My friend Jennifer did a post like this and I really enjoyed reading it. I decided that doing something similar might be beneficial and therapeutic in a way. Getting all these random thoughts out of my head might clear up some much needed space!

So here goes...
  • I want my tooth back. The extraction and implant went amazingly well - no pain during or after the procedure, but this temporary partial is annoying. It feels weird, looks weird and eating is tricky. 
  • Yesterday I was craving celery and peanut butter. Who craves celery? No one...unless you know it would be incredibly hard to eat. I can't think of anything harder to eat right now and that alone makes me want to eat it.
  • I want to participate in Courtney's reverse 100 thing challenge (getting rid of 100 things) but I'm stuck. Today is a great day to work on it, though, so I'm hoping to make some progress.
  • I've been contemplating my future as a blogger a lot lately. I haven't been all that inspired lately and wonder if this is really the best use of my time. I have more than one blog and just don't know if I need to continue any of them. Maybe I just need a sabbatical of sorts.
  • School is going well for all of us. I am taking a laid back approach this year (much like last year) and it seems to be working. I had wanted/intended to get much more serious about keeping a particular schedule, but I find that it's just too rigid for all of us and we all start fighting it. For now we'll go with what is working.
  • I can't seem to focus on one thing these days. I can't seem to read just one book, but instead have 4 going right now. I can't seem to start a project without quickly wandering off and starting something else. It's driving me crazy, but I can't seem to get out of the cycle. Today I am committing myself to finish something - starting with this post!
  • I am knee deep in Christmas cards/letters right now. In order for our sponsored kids to get Christmas greetings on time, these must be done and sent out by October 31. I'm tired of this hanging over my head and want to get all these done this weekend. I'm thankful to have most of today to work on them. 
  • My mind is blank right now so I'll stop. I'll move on to Christmas card project so I can finish it.


  1. Too bad you are on the other side of the country, I could bring you my leftover celery! I never have a desire to eat celery raw! But there are so many foods that you can't leave out that flavor-like chicken and dumplings. And I also have the same thoughts about blogging, and I only have one. I love reading your blog and would really miss it. I especially like your pretty, happy, real posts.

  2. I would miss you, too, although I'm finding it hard to get on the computer these days. I LOVE the idea of the 100 item challenge. I think I definitely need to get on that. I could certainly get 100 things out these day and I know that I would be happier for it!
    Seriously, I love your blog and consider you a friend. I'd miss you!

  3. Ah, thanks for for being so honest. It just made me want to give you a huge hug! I can feel sometimes that blogging is a drag when I pressure myself to put something out there. It's so easy to become a tool of our tools, like Thoreau said.

    Truly, your blog has been such a blessing and inspiration to me! I'd miss you too. God has used you to help me. You know only some of how it's helped me but there are so many more ways. I'd miss your writings and pictures if you stopped but I totally support your decision to just rest, stop or simplify the number of blogs you have - whatever you need. :)

  4. I hope you soon get used to the temporary tooth and find it gets easier.

    I too would miss your blog as I find you such an inspiration and it regularly brightens my day. Hope you can come to a decision about it without too much of a struggle and do what is best for you and your family.

    Sorry for being anonymous I can't work out how to do it any other way.


  5. I'm laughing at the celery! The minute you can't have something is exactly when you will begin to crave it, right? I really hope you keep at least one's been such a blessing to keep in touch!