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Monday, October 22, 2012

School in a Bag

It seems that every week has at least one or two activities or appointments on the calendar and we find ourselves out and about. I know some people really like getting out of the house regularly, even every day, but I'm one of those homeschoolers that really likes the "home" part. I look forward to days when we are able to stay home all day.

But those days are few and far between lately. Today we have dentist appointments. Tomorrow we have Bible study. Wednesday we play violin at a nursing home. Thursday we are HOME (I turned down a field trip because I need one day at home). Friday I have physical therapy.

Our new normal.

More often than not, the girls are with me for these appointments and activities. Two minutes before we are walking out the door I find myself throwing random things into a tote bag so they have something to do. After some thinking and going through resources, I came up with the idea of having a "school bag" filled with worksheets, activities and books that we can take with us.

The items I put in the bags will be different from what we normally do at home, hopefully making them exciting and inviting.

So here's my recipe for making a "school in a bag"

Get a tote bag...

Fill it with all sorts of fun and/or educational activities...

and then remember to take it with you!


  1. great idea! I just started a bag when I go to the nursing home everyday. I am getting things done now and spending time with Grandma too

  2. What a good idea! I do the same thing throwing things in as we rush out the door. Much more peaceful exits this way :)

  3. I love those Draw Write Now books! We have many of them!I love your tote bag idea, it is always nice to have something ready instead of scrambling as you are trying to get out the door. :)