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Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Another beautiful hike with beautiful views!

Late blooming sunflowers in my garden ~ I can't get enough of these! I wait all summer for these beauties to appear and when they do, I have to go look at them every day.

A beautiful sunset on the lake across the street.

Grandma and Grandpa are here for a week!

Our favorite, local coffee shop was facing foreclosure and the scheduled foreclosure date was Sept. 19. We've been praying so hard for this situation, and by the grace of God, the bank stopped the foreclosure! So instead of packing boxes and tearfully saying goodbye to our favorite hang-out, the girls and I celebrated with a victory concert and invited our neighbors and friends. I'm so thankful for this opportunity - for my girls to see their prayers answered!

One morning this past week my oldest daughter picked some fruit from our garden and yard. She then proceeded to build a little fruit statue on our kitchen counter and when I came into the kitchen this is what I saw.....

The craft I mentioned last week only got worse.....After our three layers of newspaper strips, we popped the balloon and the "earth" collapsed. This one was the worst and belongs to my youngest. She said, "That's ok mom. It looks like and asteroid hit the earth."

I have beautiful bouquets of sunflowers all over my house.

They are beautiful, but also so, so messy!!

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  1. Your sunflowers are beautiful! And I love the fruit sculpture.

  2. You have fall colors already! Looks like a beautiful area to go hiking...great news about your coffee shop...and I love your daughter's response on the earth project... :)