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Thursday, September 13, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

My husband got to fly around Mt. Hood this past weekend ~ such beautiful views of the mountain!

He also got some great shots of the nursery landscapes down below ~ looks kind of a like a quilt, doesn't it?

a new morning ritual (see happy below)

Making me happy this week is this one simple thing ~ a lit candle during our morning Bible time. I've let the girls alternate setting it up before they go to bed. They lay out the Bibles and then "decorate" a bit (add marbles and other things to make it pretty}. It's such a beautiful way to start our day.

We also received 5 letters from 5 of our Compassion kids this week! It's pretty cool to get mail from Tanzania, Colombia, Indonesia and India all in one week.

{funny} and {real}
I really don't know if this is more funny or more real so I'm calling it both. You see, I love the ideas of crafts and projects, but the actual doing them.....not so much. I read the description of one and think, "My girls would love this!"  And it's true that they do. But 5 minutes in and I'm thinking, "Oh this was not a good idea."  Currently we are making "earth". We have to glue newspaper strips to balloons - 3 coats. And each coat has to dry overnight. Do the math. That's 3 nights of gluey, gloppy mess in a row! And then we'll try to paint them. I've always wanted a blue/green kitchen. And then what? Then after 1 day of seeing the finished project laying around I will decide it's clutter and probably throw them away.

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  1. I used to like crafts. Now my children are on their own if they want to make something. I think I get more impatient as I get older.

    I love your pretty!

  2. wow--amazing landscapes!! ugh, crafts can be such a mixed bag.........I feel your pain :)

  3. We popped our ballon after the shell set then used it as a piñata at our daughter's birthday party. We used paper plates as masks so each child got to decorate his/her own mask.

  4. Oh, this brought back memories! I used to do earth papier mache balloons with my students when we studied the continents. I made templates of the continent shapes, and after they painted the entire earth blue, they sponge painted on the continents. They loved it - a messy, but memorable project!