Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lessons Learned From Vacation

Everything about life can be a lesson. My family just returned from a 4 day winter vacation, and I took note of some of the things I learned. Some are serious, some are just fun.

~I ALWAYS pack too much. Granted, I didn't know our house would have laundry facilities, but it was still too much. 

~Not only can I survive 4 days without internet, I actually enjoyed being disconnected.

~Taking time to prepare food in advance to take along is easier on both the wallet and waistline.

~Exercising on vacation is fun and comes in various forms: swimming, rock climbing, running, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking

~Skiing with my family is fun!

~Milk tastes better in a cactus glass

~Cluttered accommodations can add stress to an otherwise relaxing situation

~Placing large floral arrangements in front of mirrors makes it hard to see one's own reflection (can you see me?)

~Apparently all dressers need two lamps

~Sometimes one floral arrangement is not enough

~Kleenex can be served on a tray

 ~Too many throw pillows makes it confusing to know where to sit.

  ~Sunsets are beautiful everywhere

  ~Beauty is everywhere, we just have to look for it.


  1. Kleenex on a tray earned a literal laugh out loud. As did the multi-pillowed couch. Comfort to such an extreme it is uncomfortable. All in all, sounds like a nice vacay!

  2. Beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing. I also *always* pack too much when we go for vacation!

  3. This post really made me laugh. You found someone that puts more decorations out than I do!!!! I am learning and doing so much better!!! You would be soooo proud of me. My stuff is leaving the house daily! Thanks for the lessons!!!!
    hugs and love

  4. Lovely vacation! And I'm amused with your sense of humor. And there definitely were too many flower arrangements for my taste.

  5. I counted the lamps and floral arrangements - there were 12 lamps and 10 floral arrangements in this 1100 sq foot home. It was a little too much! In addition to the 12 lamps, each room had overhead lighting. A couple years ago some guests complained that the wasn't enough lighting in the house and apparently their solution was to just add lamps! Lots of lamps.