Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Redeeming November

November has never been my favorite month. It always seems so bleak and dreary....the lull between the glorious colors of fall and the festiveness of Christmas. 

In some of the places we lived it meant the imminent arrival of snow. Here it means the imminent arrival of rain (which will likely hang around for the next 5 months). 

The month of November also reminds me of death. I think it's because it was in November (many years ago) that I first grieved the loss of a loved one. 

But this year, I am determined to redeem this month. 

In stead of lamenting the shorter days, cooler temperatures and less than magnificent weather, I am choosing to focus on other things.

I will be thankful ~ intentionally so, writing down as many grace gifts as I can think of.

I will buy more candles (not very minimalistic, I know).

I will drink more warm drinks (green tea, coffee, hot chocolate).

I will read more books, both myself and to my girls.

I will pull out my crock pot and cook warm, belly-filling meals.

I will bake with pumpkin (I love pumpkin!)

I will pull out my rain gear and hit the trails ~ embrace the mud.

Happy November!


  1. November has always been my favorite month (because my birthday happens to fall on this Saturday) but it is bittersweet, too; my grandmother's birthday is also this month, and since she passed several years ago, mid-November has always been a time of sadness for me.

    I just try to focus on the happiness of my birthday at the beginning of the month and the joy of Thanksgiving at the end of the month - I do love to cook (and eat) all the festive foods that the holidays bring, and that certainly helps, too. :)

    I hope this is a happy November for you and your family!

  2. Have a great November! There's always one thing to smile about in November (in the States, anyway) and that's Thanksgiving! Who doesn't love a holiday based around stuffing yourself silly then sleeping it off before dessert? Have a great one! Stopping by from TALU.

  3. Lovely photo! Great attitude to focus on what you are grateful for. I actually love this month because it seems like gratitude is everywhere. The weather does leave something to be desired, though :) TALU!

  4. I like your "to do" list. Sometimes we have to find our own brightness. Beautiful photograph. TALU