Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


a ferry ride...

another country....

gorgeous views....

whale sightings (not pictured)...

tide pool discoveries...

...way too much unhealthy food, not enough exercise, disappointment at the expensiveness of Canada ($7 box of cereal, $2 candy bars, $300 whale watching excursions - we passed on this and were blessed to see them on our own for FREE!)

5 days of limited internet access (once a day for 10 minutes!), no cell phones, flexibility to stay an extra day, just enough clothes....

And now we are home ~ back to our stuff ~ back to our routine.


  1. Canada is expensive without a doubt! You also visited an expensive, touristy kind of place. But it's been a bit of sticker shock for me since moving.

  2. Renee...I was curious if it was so expensive just because it was Victoria or if all of Canada is a bit more. I know the American dollar isn't very strong anymore, so that doesn't help.

    But we were not prepared for the priciness we encountered. It was still fun - and it was a beautiful place to visit.

  3. I love whale watching! That is one thing I would be tempted to pay for (probably not $300 though)...but I am happy you were able to see some for free! And those tide pool pictures are beautiful.

  4. Rebecca...we would have paid for it had it only been the two of us. But for the whole family to go, we were talking upwards of $300. And our 4 and 6 year olds would have been bored after an hour.

    We saw orcas, but they were very far away. Still - it was cool to see them - and we had binoculars.

  5. Glad yall had a great time! We've been talking about a vacation to Canada or perhaps a cruise to Alaska with a day or two in Canada. Your pictures are making that a little harder to refuse ;-)

  6. Nice to have you up here! I think some of it must be Victoria because cereal is not at all that expensive in our neck of the woods. Yes, I think we are a bit pricier but some of that has to do with the exchange rate - when the Canadian dollar used to be worth less than the U.S. dollar, we paid more for everything. Now that the dollar is basically par, we still pay the higher price (which is why a lot of Canadians go to the U.S. to shop!)