Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Savoring Summer - Fresh Eats

Once again, I am linking up to FIMBY’s savoring summer series….

From lettuce to herbs to a multitude of vegetables, our garden is brimming with freshness just waiting to be eaten. I’ve been harvesting my lettuce and eating salads daily.

After eating apples and bananas all winter and spring, it’s nice to have a kitchen full of summer fruits….peaches, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, melons.

Last night we sat down to a “fresh” dinner. Aside from the pasta, nothing had to be cooked for our meal….just chopped, cut or mixed. I love the menu change that comes with a new season and am savoring the fresh eats that are abundant this season.

What are you savoring this summer?


  1. I have been enjoying nectarines this summer more than I ever have before! Also beautiful radishes and beets from our farmer's market. My husband roasts the radishes and beets and sautees the greens, and they are sooooooo amazing. I can't stand to imagine people throwing out the greens!

  2. We just finished savoring a whole bunch of strawberries, but I'm really enjoying garden-fresh lettuce right now, too.

  3. So funny, we are savoring the same thing! Don't you just feel better in the summer? Fresh whole foods and sunshine, it makes such a world of difference. I also love having herbs at my fingertips, they are so expensive to buy, especially whne you just need a snip here and there. Oh summmer.....

  4. I've been going nuts on the seasonal fruits lately. I've devoured tons of blueberries and raspberries the past few weeks because of the great sale prices. Yum!

    Question. When you said your whole dinner was fresh except the pasta, does that mean you added raw ingredients with the pasta noodles? Curious because I've been trying to get more creative in the kitchen. :)

  5. Tanja...
    I mixed tuna, mayo and fresh basil together and filled the jumbo pasta shells. Then on top I put a mixture of fresh tomatoes diced, olive oil and more fresh basil. I'm not really a fan of tuna (or tomatoes!), but I love these....I think it's the fresh basil I like so much.