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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Another Teen in the House

It's official - our baby has turned 13 and we now have two teenagers in the house! I am loving the teen years so far. 

We have always kept birthdays simple. So far each of girls has had two friend parties - one at age 10 and one at age 13. This girl wanted an orange and pink color scheme and I had so much fun decorating for her. One of my favorite traditions is that we decorate for the birthday person and it's a surprise when they wake up. 

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  1. Extra fun for the birthday girl! Thirteen is still a every good (and easier age, lol). The tulle on the bottom of the vase of flowers is an extra pretty touch - love it. Also like you have a collage of all her years! Many thanks for including your daughter's birthday feast with All Seasons! Happy happy birthday Alexa! Have a fun week, Jill!

  2. She's growing up! Looks like a great celebration!