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Sunday, September 22, 2019


When we were house hunting a couple years ago, finding a house with garden space was a must for me. I didn't need a well-established garden, I just wanted space for gardening. We looked at houses for almost 2 years and many fit the bill. But when we looked at the house we ended up buying, it more than fit the bill. Not only was there ample space for gardening, there was already so many things planted and established here...including 15 grape vines with 9 different varieties of table grapes. 

Last year we moved in with enough time to reap the benefits of the grape harvest. This year was my first year being in total control of the grape vines. I pruned hard all summer for aesthetic reasons, but we are having a wonderful harvest with more grapes then we know what to do with.

Many friends have visited and left with as many grapes as they wanted, yet we still have enough to donate to the local food bank later this week.

As I mentioned before, we have 9 different varieties. It's been so much fun to walk through and taste each variety. Some are so sweet and different from what you'd find in a grocery store. Others are very "grape-like" - meaning they are exactly what you'd find in a store. And one is particularly disappointing.

Last weekend we picked quite a bit of the Reliance variety and made jelly.

This weekend we picked several other varieties and made juice.

What fun it is to have such a bounty of fruit right in our backyard!

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  1. Oh so fun!! Love the flay lay with them.

  2. The last image reveals your spacious yard with usable land - envious! Am living at an altitude with many deer around, and they would like the grapes for their dinner.But you don't need to feel sorry for me, because our friend who works for UC Davis has always plenty to give us:) Jelly is great:) Are you also thinking about making wine? You are one of these people who is talented in several areas. Can imagine your family helps take care of the harvest: Great seasonal experiences to share for All Seasons, Jill! Have a great Fall work week:)

    1. Yes...we have a lovely, spacious yard! These are table grapes and not the best for making wine. I guess we could try it, but I know there is a difference in table grapes and wine grapes.

  3. What beautiful pictures of the grapes! I can't eat all fruit (no kiwis, bananas, plums, apples etc - due to allergies). But I can eat white grapes without itching in my mouth. They are so delicious. Nice to read about this. Thanks