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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Around Here

It's beginning to look and feel like autumn in these parts!

It's going to be very fun to watch the seasons change in a new community. 
Which trees change and lose their leaves first?

We've got a couple fantastic walking paths near our house and I'm so grateful. In our last neighborhood we lived near two lakes and could walk around both. It's so nice to have found some special places to walk here as well.

And the views...the views are spectacular. I think we will have a view of Mt. Adams from our back porch when the trees lose their leaves. Speaking of leaves...I think we will have quite a few leaves to rake in a few weeks. This house has a lot of trees!


  1. Oh gorgeous!! Our leaves just began to go red, quickly!

  2. The barn photo looks like it could be a painting or notecard. All are lovely.

    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles

  3. Does this ever bring me back to our years pastoring the little church on Hwy 35 in Mt. Hood! My hubs also worked part time at the little store in Parkdale.

  4. Gorgeous! Have a wonderful week! May it be filled with many good things! Missing Oregon! A great place to be in the fall for sure!

  5. One of my favorite seasons and your photos really show off its beauty.

  6. Autumn is a wonderful season - and it looks like the views are spectacular any time of the year! Joining you from WATW.