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Sunday, August 5, 2018


One of the days we were in Suncadia, we decided to drive north and see Leavenworth - a Bavarian village. I had heard of it, but had never seen it. We truly felt like we were in Germany!

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  1. So fun! Really looks like you went to Europe!

  2. I've never been there! The terrain even looks Bavarian, though.
    Fun outing!

  3. I've never been to Germany, but I have been to Leavenworth, Wsshington. I thought it cute and charming. Also wondered how much it resembled a German village. Now I know.

  4. Leavenworth is wonderful! I hope you get to return in winter when there is snow. It is truly magical! We visited when I was a teen; I remember the Alpine horn blowing and the horse-drawn sleighs as well as the life-size gingerbread houses. So glad you got to experience that lovely place!