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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Summer Days

Summer is just flying by! I feel like I have so much to do in terms of planning for next year's school and getting ready for the move, but I'm trying hard to make this summer count with my girls. 

It's been quite warm here in Oregon these past couple weeks. We finally had time to visit with some friends and the girls had fun swimming in the lake. I'll miss this lake and this part of where we currently live, but I'm thankful we have had the opportunity to enjoy it these past 8 years.

One of things I look forward to the most about our move is the hosting visitors. Our new home will have several outdoor spaces for sitting and gathering. And our new town is a great place to walk around - either waterfront or downtown.

We got a little break from the extreme heat and took advantage of it by picking blueberries with our other friends. It was a lovely blueberry farm and the bushes were loaded!

And now our freezer is loaded with blueberries. I doubt that will last very long.

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  1. Water fun is the best on hot days!

  2. I wish summer would slow down. We go back to school in two weeks and I honestly want to protest it. I still haven't accomplished half of what is on my bucket list. Soak it all up!

  3. The lake is beautiful and what fun to pick blueberries!

  4. Glad you are enjoying your summer. Loved that last shot of the blueberries. - So where are you moving too?

  5. Sure has been hot but a little better this week on this end of the Willamette Valley. Blueberries are fun to much easier than most berries!