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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Little Getaway

My husband had another 3 day meeting out of town, and the location looked pretty cool so the girls and I tagged-along! The resort is called Suncadia and is located around 90 miles east of Seattle, WA. The closest town is Roslyn, WA, which was the filming location for the 1990s show Northern Exposure. It's a tiny town (population less than 1000), but it's so cute and definitely caters to tourists.

It's been scorching HOT here in the PNW, and no rain in many weeks. So much of the green is gone and dried up. I'm sure this hill is gorgeous in the spring when it's green from snow and precipitation.

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  1. That looks straight out of Europe! So fun to get to tag along!

  2. Your little trip looks like so much fun! And I think I might have stayed in that pool for days! It has been really hot here too, and too many fires burning!

  3. Northern Exposure was one of my favorite shows back then. Quirky and intelligent, it was. I wouldn't mind staying at such a resort. What gorgeous views to look at from the pool.