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Monday, June 4, 2018

School Wrap-Up

We've officially completed another year of home education and it's time to celebrate and embrace summer break. We have educated the girls at home from the beginning and this year we completed 6th and 7th grades. although it's hard work, I'm grateful we have the opportunity to walk this journey together. Here are some of the things I'm so grateful we did this year.

map drawn free hand by my oldest daughter at the end of the year

I'm so glad we participated in our local Classical Conversations community.

I'm so glad my oldest daughter completed the Challenge A level. 

I'm so glad my youngest daughter became a memory master for cycle 3.

cartography with her rabbit

I'm so glad we started each morning with a read aloud and hot chocolate.
(in 7 years we have read aloud 106 books together!)

I'm so glad we had bacon on Friday mornings 
(as an incentive to get up and get school started on time!)

I'm so glad we read through Bravewriter's Arrow booklist and did some "party school" 

party school for the book The Red Pencil

I'm so glad we took time off to go to New York (saw Niagra Falls!), Boston and Hawaii

I'm so glad we dove even deeper into Hamilton the Musical and got to see the Broadway show

I'm so glad we invited several people over for poetry tea time

exploring a tide pool in Maui

I'm so glad we switched to Saxon Math

I'm so glad we explored Latin

I'm so glad we were done by noon most days

and most of all.....
I'm SO glad we get to enjoy a summer break!

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  1. ...I never was much of a student, summer was the best time of year for me!

  2. I love that map!! What talent. I love seeing what you share and that homeschooling is such a fit for your family!

  3. I always am so impressed by parents who choose to homeschool! I don’t think I have the discipline to get it done right! But wow, what amazing accomplishments you have made with your girls this year. And to get to watch their educational growth firsthand must be so very rewarding! Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. Congratulations on homeschooling! I have a couple of siblings that have done it, and so I have a sense of the dedication it takes to do it properly. From the pictures, it looks like I might enjoy attending your school! Enjoy the summer!

  5. Hello friend! Congrats on another year enjoyed and completed. Quick question, what is party school? I know its a part of Brave Writer but I'm not sure what she means by it. I'm thinking about reading the arrow books next year with Aidan and like the idea of something fun to celebrate each book with.

    1. Each Arrow issue (the new ones starting with last year's list) have party school ideas.