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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Chihuly - Inside the Museum

I finally had the opportunity to visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum in Seattle. It's had to describe how cool this museum is. Today I'm sharing some of my photos from inside the museum. On Thursday I'll share photos from the gardens outside.

Most of the inside displays are in very dark rooms so you can see the light shining through the pieces of art. I loved how reflective the glass was against the dark surfaces of these exhibits. Some exhibits were on the ground (actually platforms), while others were pieces that hung from the ceiling.

This was a display was the ceiling! If there hadn't been so many people there, I might have just gotten comfortable on the floor and looked up.

This particular piece filled the entire room. It was impossible to get a photo of the whole thing, and each step around the display featured a new style or "character".

This piece was two boats filled with glass pieces. The reflection was just amazing.

Here are some of the hanging pieces. There were 5 or 6 in this room and they were all amazing.

This one was in the middle and was on a could see the reflections of the other pieces that were hanging.

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  1. Just amazing!! There was an exhibit here in MA years ago and one in NY over the summer, such breathtaking works!

  2. I went there last year and loved it! So beautiful!

  3. Amazing unique place, I want to be there. Thanks for sharing, your photos are wonderful, full of energy.

  4. How beautiful! Chihuly is a pretty awesome artist! I hope I get to visit someday…

    With Love,

  5. Beautiful. Amazing how they do such things with glass. Thanks for sharing the museum with Pictorial Tuesday.

    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles

  6. Wow! Nice museum. I will go to Bozeman via Seattle to go to Yellow stone park from 28th in June. Thanks for sharing.