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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pink and Green

I love spring for so many reasons, not the least of them being the beauty that blooms in waves around my neighborhood. We still get a lot of rain during the spring months, but as often as I can, I get out to enjoy the trees and plants coming back to life. Last week the tulip magnolia trees were in full bloom and now the Dogwood, Redwood and Kwanzan cherry trees are blooming. 

I have quite a few fern varieties in my garden and I love watching them unfurl. Mostly because the shape reminds me of my violin scroll.

Speaking of violin husband and I found new eating utensils that also resemble the violin scroll. The style name is "treble clef" and they are perfect for our family. 

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  1. So pretty! I cannot wait for spring to finally to show up!

  2. I like your photos. They show off the beauty of the flowers and objects well.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  3. Love your captures! They are so artistic! Feel privileged knowing you and your blog, because I know more of you than the violinist. I see integrity and compassion in your life (am not gushing, am a retired psychologist: - so then it's seen in the right perspective, haha) Thank you for taking the time to link to All Seasons and have a lovely week!

  4. It's easy to see why they're called fiddlehead ferns, especially when you place the photos you've shared in close proximity. Thanks for these lovely photos, and for sharing them at

  5. I have been overwhelmed with life lately and haven't visited my blog list. So I just scrolled down through your photos and reveled in your before and after edits and all the pictures of spring in PNW. It was lovely!