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Thursday, June 15, 2017


I love the beauty and artistry that goes into making musical instruments. While in Nashville, we visited several music stores and I was happy to have my camera along. I especially liked the mandolin display at this store. Mandolins are similar to violins in that they share the same tuning and strings. 

I also enjoyed the artistic designs on several guitars. I love birds and butterflies and flowers - I imagine if I played guitar I'd need one of these to play out in my garden.

And it's not too often that I see a string bass up close and personal. I'm always amazed at how BIG it is compared to the violin.

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  1. The workmanship on those wood instruments is amazing! I love all the detail.

  2. Definitely stunning instruments! Lovely captures!

  3. Our daughter played string bass. When we bought a new car we took it home during the test drive to be sure the bass would fit in it. :)