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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wildflowers Along the Trail

Spring hiking provides an extra element of wonder and surprise, for those who care to notice, in its wide variety and display of wildflowers. As a gardener I know how much time and care is required for plants to flourish and bloom, so I'm appreciative of these flowers that just pop up without any help.

On our most recent hike up Saddle Mountain, we were treated to trillium...

Indian paintbrush...

Chocolate lily....


Pink fawn lily...

even dandelions looks pretty along the trail...

There were others, but some of my photos didn't turn out. Plus, my family doesn't wait for me as I stop and take photos, so in order to avoid having to run up the mountain, I pick and choose which flowers I'll stop for. 

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  1. Gorgeous shots of the lovely wildflowers (my favorite) ~ thanks,

    Happy Week ahead to you

  2. Oh yes they are lovely, one just have to look below to see very interesting things. BTW, you just reminded me i again forgot to post for Wildflower Wednesday yesterday, i have to wait again for next month.

  3. I know exactly how you feel! Which is why you should make a trip to California so we can go to Yosemite together and take all the time we want taking photos of everything! :)