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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Galveston, Texas

It's spring break for my girls and I (the great thing about homeschooling is that you can declare breaks when it best suits your schedule...I wanted it to coincide with our trip to Texas and Easter so that's why we are on break this week). 

My mom and stepdad recently moved to the Houston, TX area and so we took a long weekend and headed down to see where they now live. The weather was sunny, warm and dry - completely the opposite of where we live so it was great. 

We took a day trip down to Galveston to see the island and the Gulf of Mexico - again, a very different coastline than what we are used to here.

We saw several Man of War jellyfish washed up on the beach, and from what I've heard and read, you don't want to touch one of these. Another name for this is the "floating terror". 

We had hoped to go to the aquarium at Moody Gardens, but it was closed for renovations. Instead we went through the Rainforest pyramid and that was a pretty neat exhibit. I was going to say cool, but it was anything but was hot and humid!

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  1. These are just wonderful! Enjoy your Spring Break! I just returned from a weekend filled with fun & family in Texas near Dallas. (will be sharing on my blog soon)

  2. So fun!! I love the animals, co cool how close you got!

  3. Wow, amazingly beautiful birds on your trip to Galveston. We lived in TX during part of my college time, but never went to the Gulf! I forgot, TX can be humid:) Many thanks for sharing your break with ALL SEASONS and wishing you a lovely Easter!

  4. I agree about homeschooling and breaks. School holidays are when I stay put. I like your photo of the orchids.

  5. Wow look at those colorful birds, so beautiful. Yeah I've heard most Jellyfish aren't fun...don't think I'd touch one but they look interesting. Sounds like it was a great Spring break.

  6. I know this place! We own a timeshare at this beach! Such lovely photos!

  7. Great shots of the wonderful things you saw. That is a big plus for homeschool. I'm so glad our daughter chose this option, as well.