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Monday, January 30, 2017


I had the opportunity this past weekend to visit the east coast - Charlottesville, VA specifically. My brother lives there and it's been far too long since I've visited so I went to celebrate his birthday with him. This past year I've become quite the fan of Hamilton (the musical) - by quite the fan I mean that I've never seen it, but we listen to it several times a week.

Anyway...Thomas Jefferson is a main character in the story and it was so fun and interesting to visit his home again. My brother lives just minutes away from this beauty. One day we drove there and toured it, another day we walked the Monticello Trail up to the visitors center.

His life and accomplishments are quite extensive and fascinating. I know he had a lot of people working for him, but it was still impressive to see all he accomplished and was interested in. My favorite fact - he was an accomplished violinist, although of the six violins he owned, none are known today.

Can you read those inscriptions? A Perfect Gentleman and  A Talented Lady

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  1. Doing whatever you do at Monticello (:
    What a fun chance!!

  2. Beautiful photos! I visited Jefferson's home once. I live in Jefferson County in Colorado and our civic building is shaped like his home

  3. I like "a talented lady" and "a perfect gentleman"

  4. He probably was considered "rich" for his days, owning a home like this and having six violins!! Still learning much (especially this year) about how the USA was formed, and interesting to me - definitely very different from W-Europe that the declaration for independence was specifically stated for religious freedom. Hope you had a fun time with your brother:) Thanks you for sharing this experience with ALL SEASONS, Jill! Have a lovely week!

  5. Thanks for sharing your photos of Monticello. I've always wanted to see it in person. I didn't know that Jefferson founded a university. He was one amazing President.

  6. Sounds like an interesting place to visit and nice to spend time with your brother.

  7. What a beautiful place, Jill. You captured it perfectly! I wonder what happened to his violins . . . .