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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Loving Where I Live

I have just been too sick to get out and take new photos this week, so I'm posting some old ones. I was listening to a podcast today and there was a short discussion about loving where you live. I thought it was a great topic, and I do love where I live so I'll share some reasons and photos of what I love most.

Mt. Hood
There are many days it's too gray and cloudy to see this beauty, but it's a glorious sight when we do get views of Mt. Hood. I feel blessed to see this from my neighborhood (not this particular view), and to live within easy driving distance of this mountain. 

I can drive to Multnomah Falls (and several other waterfalls) within minutes. I never get tired of seeing these gorgeous displays of natural beauty.

the Pacific Coast
I love that I can go to the coast and spend a day at the Pacific Ocean. We have lovely state parks and beaches all along the coast, so often we visit several when we are there and each have different things they offer. 

the Columbia River Gorge
I live less than a mile from the Columbia River and as you drive east along the river, you drive through some pretty amazing landscape. I was breathless the first time we drove through the gorge and now it's practically my backyard. There are so many wonderful hikes and places to explore. 

flower fields
Because of all the rainfall, this area is able to grow many different things. I particularly like the tulip fields in the spring and the dahlia fields in the late summer. 

the forests
We actually live in a small area of the country that is considered rain forest and it's amazing to hike through our lush, green forests. So much moss and so much greenery. I had never seen anything like it before moving here. 

the city
Portland is a small city when it comes to cities, but it offers great opportunities and cultural activities. We have a zoo, several museums, concerts, plays and much more.

Those are a few of the things that I love most about where I live.  I'd love to know what you love about where you live...

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  1. Feel better! These are all the reasons I love the PNW too (well, that and the nephews!). I should do a post like this about Boston!

  2. My son now lives in Portland and loves it for all the same reasons. I (with my husband and other children) live in the small, rural town of Sultan, WA.
    Loved this idea for a blog post. I may have to keep it in mind when I am out shooting.

    :-) Carol

  3. I hope you will feel much better. Love the pictures of your neighborhood? Groetjes Hetty

  4. I have loved visiting Oregon through your eyes over the years. The waterfalls are the most astounding. I love where I live: in a Midwest City. You've made me think about making a list of whys now. Hope you fell better soon.

  5. Beautiful images. I love where you live too! :)

  6. I used to live in apartment right next to the Portland sign. Love that city! Love Oregon. DOn't miss all the rain, but I do miss Oregon.

  7. Amazing area! You are so lucky to have so much right near your back door. We live in a gorgeous part of the country too, although I think there is beauty everywhere, in every area. I have to admit I didn't like moving to where I am and found it hard to love it but now I certainly appreciate how close we are to so much natural beauty, the place people come here on holidays to see.

  8. Love your blog! Your pictures are beautiful and so inspiring. Your blog post last week, inspired mine this week. Thank you!! Check it out at :-)