Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sabbath Keeping

This year our family has been contemplating what it means to observe the Sabbath and experience the rest God wants us to have. We are still learning and trying not to be legalistic, but most recently it looked like this...

coffee and donuts at our favorite donut shop

worship with other believers

home again...warm tea and good books

playing music

a long, slow walk through the neighborhood and park

capturing beauty with the camera

slowing down to notice the unexpected

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  1. That is my goal. To make my shabbat different from the rest of the week. We end shabbat with a prayer that thanks Gd for seperating "holy from ordinary" so I strive for a day that is slower paced, not the busy week, and renewing for my soul!

    1. It is SO renewing! And I had no idea how badly I needed it until I experienced it.

  2. Always good to stand still with what you believe in!I like to extend the life style of Sunday to other days though, whenever I can. That is easier when kids are not little anymore:) Many thanks for sharing the lovely details of this contemplative day with ALL SEASONS! Have a beautiful week!

    1. Yes...I actually try to find "Sabbath moments" each day - time in the morning and evening to read or enjoy my loved ones. Lingering with my girls before bed for those unexpected conversations...delighting in slower living...turning off my phone earlier than normal.

  3. Love that last photo. Well seen!