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Monday, July 18, 2016

Good, Random, Fun ~ Week 29

the GOOD
In 2016 I'm attempting to do #52weeksofstorytelling with a different theme each week.
Week 28/52 - bliss

This month (this week, actually), we are celebrating 20 years of wedded hasn't all been easy, but I'm so grateful for my marriage and how good it is. 20 years ago we were so young and excited, but also cared to enter into this covenant. It feels like such a milestone to get to this point and truly still love each other. The rings may be worn and scratched, we are certainly aging and changing, but our love is rooted and mature and that is bliss!

my garden brings me such joy....
I love the beauty, the unique finds, the creatures who call it home or stop for a visit, and I love how each day I'm likely to find something new.

the FUN
Some days you have to make your own sunshine and other days you step outside to find it!
Having a spot of tea and studying my music / having coffee with a friend - we were actually making a video for church because my husband preach two sermons on our excessive use of technology and what it's doing to our relationships.

more FUN
If you are on instagram, please join me over at @its_my_week for my first week hosting and moderating - the theme is music and you can tag any photo that is new and yours that fits into this theme.

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  1. Happy anniversary!! That is so wonderful.
    I'll for sure take and tag a shot this week (-:

  2. Happy Anniversary! 20 years...a wonderful milestone! Great photos!

  3. Congrats Jill! nothing that is worthwhile is easy, and 20 years is quite an accomplishment:) Many thanks for sharing this joyous event with SEASONS! Your posts are so beautiful!
    Am not very knowledgeable at Instagram, so I hope I can find you! Have a great week and success in moderating!

  4. Happy 20th... that is a big milestone now-a-days. Something to be proud of. Congrats on your moderator/hosting over at It's My Week as well. :-D

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens