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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

More Backyard Fun

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

We didn't have any grand adventures this past week, but there is still pretty to be found in my backyard. I don't know how many of you can relate, but creating a beautiful home (especially backyard garden) is an act of worship for me. It stirs something deep within me and nurtures me in a way that nothing else can. Whether I'm out there physically doing the hard work of planting, weeding or watering, or simply walking around and taking notice of what is blooming and's refreshing to my soul and helps me connect with God - the Creator. I'm so grateful for my garden and for the neighborhood we live in. We are blessed to live near two lakes and right next to a's amazing how much wildlife we experience daily. I love hearing the birds sing, the ducks quack and the frogs croak. I love seeing my garden grow and mature over time. We've been here 6 1/2 years now, and every year I add a little bit more to the garden. 

our corn has sprouted!

We have a family of 10 ducklings that visits our yard daily. They are quite comfortable around us now, and if we are out in the yard, they come right up to the fence in hopes that we will feed them. Sometimes they'll even come through the fence looking for food.

We had a close encounter with this baby duckling this an attempt to rescue it from our storm drain, we inadvertently separated it from the rest of its family. We were only trying to help, but in the process of rescuing this one, the others and the mama found a way out and left. We kept this little one overnight in our garage, but then returned it to the lake in hopes that mama would return and find her missing duckling. 

Another duck that visits our yard daily looking for food. We love having them visit us. 

I was out shopping when I spotted this real banana on display. I asked the salesperson what was up with the banana for sale, and he didn't know what I was talking about. It turns out his co-worker stole this banana from his lunch bag and put it up for sale as a joke!

Last year (or the year before) I let the girls "recycle" their finished school books. When I told them they could recycle this year's math books they spent a good 10 minutes ripping out each page quite dramatically. It was very funny to listen to and they are eager to finish and recycle part 2 of their math books. 


we are so close to being done with school - end of year testing on Monday!

I signed the girls up for a summer writing class and I'm already regretting it

we are kicking off summer with a week away in Central Oregon


  1. Great photos as always.
    Love the banana!

    Thanks for joining us at

  2. Happy almost summer! 16ish more school days for me!
    I love how you call gardening an act of worship, you are making a gorgeous outdoor space!

  3. Your garden restores me as a visitor! I know what you mean, there is something so connecting about creation. I think that's part of the meaning of the trees of the field clapping their hands. All creation does indeed declare. Had to laugh at the ripping of school work. My boys did the same.

  4. Oh I sure do hope that little duckling found it mama again


  5. Sometimes the best days are the simplest days!

  6. Adventures in the backyard are still some of my favorites. I so agree about the time spent in Creation connecting us to the Creator. I often think of the hold hymn, "I come to the garden" as I weed and putter.