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Monday, April 4, 2016

Good, Random, Fun ~ Week 14

the GOOD
In 2016 I'm attempting to do #52weeksofstorytelling with a different theme each week.
Week 13/52 - Kindness

My grandma passed away a year ago, and I'm thinking about her and missing her a lot. She was such a kind woman and her acts of kindness will forever remain in my heart. She ALWAYS had cheese cut for a snack, and fresh, homemade, chocolate chip cookies. She and I built a bond by washing dishes together after family meals, and every day when I wash dishes in my own home, I think of her and use towels she made for me. She loved her husband, family and God and served them daily through random acts of kindness. 

more GOOD
We spent a day at the coast this past week and it was a nice change of scenery.

One of my favorite things to do is to find and capture the beauty of everyday - the ordinary things that surround us if we take time to look for them. Like evening light shining through tulips, morning dew on spiderwebs, dandelions, frogs and ladybugs!

we are in a new wave of bloom in these parts and I'm loving it!

the FUN
I chose to focus on macro pictures for my final submissions to the rainbow I've been building all of March. 

and here is my completed rainbow...I love how it turned out

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  1. Your memories of your grandmother are so special. I love your coast pictures!

  2. Wow, Jill, the heart shaped flowers are so beautiful! And the beach pics make me want to go there (Used to live 20 mind. from the beach).As well as the lady bug and all of your other captures - quite a collection! The rainbow is very special!

    Thank you so much in being a part of Seasons, and will see you soon!

  3. Lovely photos. And a nice tribute to your grandmother.

  4. Such an enjoyable post. - You have wonderful memories of your grandma (how special) - Loved all your mosaics. Pretty flowers, lovely beaches, cute critters and a rainbow of so many happy colors.

  5. Gorgeous photos and I love your macros.

  6. I love the sun-rays in the cherry blossom shot... your rainbow turned out so beautiful.

    Lisa @ LTTL