Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


taking a moment to find joy in the little things

We spent the day after Easter at the coast and it was gorgeous. 

We are having amazing weather this week - sun and warmer temperatures.

We had a lovely Easter. I love this banner we created during Holy Week. 

and it's nice having a resident Easter bunny
(we have two, but the other one is harder to catch)

Every year we plant an Easter garden...this year we planted/created the garden on Good Friday,
and on Easter morning the girls ran outside and rolled away the stone.

I love seeing my garden come back to life.

I caught my girls staging a photo shoot with Buttercup. 

and I love this photo bomb!

 I look out the window and see this...

inevitably this happens...

they turn and see me taking pics...

but then go back to playing...

It's officially dandelion season and my annual battle with weeds has begun. I really hate having a weedy yard - it bothers me so much, but I just can't bring myself to pay for lawn care. I need to live next to neighbors who also have "organic" lawns so mine blends in. Instead I am surrounded by retired neighbors who have perfectly manicured lawns. 

look at these crazy double dandelions...

can you tell where my neighbor's yard stops and mine starts? front yard has giant roots growing in it, and I'm determined this is the year I'll finally get them out.

I kept telling myself it was a good opportunity to get some vitamin D, workout and listen to podcasts.

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  1. I love that Easter banner and your little Easter garden. Of course beach photos are always a fav to this sea loving girl. And misery loves company, as weeds and roots were on my yard work agenda today as well!

  2. What a stunning place to spend Easter. The bunny photo shoot is too cute!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Where did you take the first set? That's a lovely beach!
    Thank you for sharing at

    1. It's Pacific City / Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon Coast

  4. And all the earth proclaims His glory!

  5. Happy Easter! Love the sun rays on the pink flower - so amazing! And the wheel barrel dump looks fun!!

  6. There is much more to life than perfect lawns. All your other pictures prove that. Good work!

  7. How beautiful that coast is and adorable those girls and bunny are!

  8. Wow, that coast is incredibly beautiful - and your flower pictures are beautiful as well! That is the kind of wild natural beauty I love and don't often get to see where I live :)

    I really like the Easter garden idea as well. I'd never heard of that before and I think I'll give it a try with my boys next year.