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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Moss Season

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

We are still stuck in the dreariness and gray of January, so when I'm out and about I purposefully look for color. It's amazing what you can find if you just open your eyes and look...

I'm always happy when the weather is good enough to get outside. On this particular day it started sprinkling just as we were headed out the door so we grabbed our umbrellas. 

We saw these cute little birds (brown creepers) and they let me get pretty close. It was fun to watch them.

Over the weekend we got to go see Compassion's Mobile Experience as a family. I've waited years for this to come close to us and it finally did! I saw it a couple years ago in Montana and was thrilled the rest of my family could finally go. 

We (my daughter) got 3 new fish for her birthday. She chose this bowl with the world mapped on it and named the fish Kenya, Peru and Inda (short for India and Indonesia) - all countries where we sponsor children. 

My Christmas amaryllis is growing!!

And my first bulbs have popped up through the ground in my front garden.

{funny} and {real}
One of the benefits of living in the rainforest is how green everything is - especially in winter and spring. Part of why everything is so green is because moss covers just about everything. 

No really...I'm not kidding. 


  1. I love the girl's umbrellas! I love that you were able to take your family to the Compassion Experience! And I love all of your green moss photos! Everything here is green...weeds, but green because of all the rain we have been getting!

  2. It is amazing what you kind find, even in the dreary days of January!
    I hope my amaryllis starts to grow soon!!

  3. I find moss to be the greatest sign that God just loves LIFE. He has it growing over rocks and trees and walls - almost as if it just can't be shut out. All your pictures made me feel that way today - burgeoning LIFE. So happily beautiful!

  4. beautiful images! I have always loved moss! I love amaryllis- I have had some of mine for over 5 years! and they usually flower twice a year! love those tiny little birds!

  5. What a great fish bowl! I love that! Love all the green mossy places you found, too!

  6. What amazingly beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Loving all the beauty in this post. Just wonderful.

  8. Beautiful color finds and very nice photos.